8 Best Full Size Beverage Refrigerator of 2022

full size beverage refrigerator

If you are looking for the full size beverage refrigerator for your home bar or beverage shop then this guide will help you to choose the best one that suits your need.

Full size beverage refrigerator represents essential components for the commercial as well as domestic places.

Beverage fridges are incredible for helpfully cooling your beverages just as for opening up space in your primary cooler. With a refreshment fridge, you won’t ever need to stress over where to accommodate your 12-pack of lager or soft drink in light of the fact that these apparatuses are explicitly intended for drink cans and jugs. These can undoubtedly be an expansion to most spaces, being more modest than a full-size beverage refrigerator.

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A beverage refrigerator contrasts from a customary cooler since its format is explicitly planned and advanced for putting away jugs and bottles.

They aren’t really limited to the kitchen region. You can put them in any space that is generally appropriate for greatest usefulness and generally helpful for your life.

Nowadays there are many types of different beverage refrigerators available with different sizes and capacities in market. Choosing the best one for your necessity is somehow difficult task.

So in this article we reviewed the best full-size beverage refrigerator considering different factors like its features, customer satisfaction, durability, storage capacity, etc.

Full Size Beverage Refrigerator

EdgeStar 14 Cu. Ft. Full Size Built-In Commercial Beverage Merchandiser

EdgeStar 14 Cu. Ft. Full Size Built-In Commercial Beverage Merchandiser

Whynter 8.1 cu. ft. Full Size Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter 8.1 cu. ft. Full Size Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator

1. EdgeStar 14 Cu. Ft. Full Size Built-In Commercial Beverage Merchandiser

EdgeStar 14 Cu. Ft. Full Size Built-In Commercial Beverage Merchandiser


  • Dimensions: 24.94 x 23.38 x 69.69 inches 
  • Weight:   159 pounds
  • Capacity:   14 Cu. Ft.
  • Excellent stable temperature
  • Built-in security lock
Star Rating:

Now display your beverages and please your clients with consummately chilled refreshments utilizing the full-size EdgeStar 14 Cu. Ft.  Commercial Beverage Refrigerator.

This current refrigerator’s insightful plan, smooth appearance, and quality development make it the ideal storage answer for your refreshment determination.

This full size beverage refrigerator is ETL-S affirmed to the NSF-7 standard importance it is both created and ensured for business use in food and drink applications.

Because this unit is eligible for under counter establishment, you can put it in restricted spaces, against walls, or flush with different units without stressing over ventilation, As this refrigerator has front ventilation.

To more readily shield your food and refreshments from ruining, a wise temperature alert will sound if either the entryway is left unlatched or if there is an interference to the unit’s power supply

Hot spots and lopsided cooling will not be an issue for this full-size beverage cooler because of its compressor-based constrained air cooling, which uniformly conveys cool air all through the unit.

The setting and observing of this present unit’s temperature is snappy and simple because of the simple to-utilize control board and LED computerized temperature display.

Its interior LED lighting enlightens your drinks, facilitating the choice of interaction for your clients without radiating any destructive warmth.


  • Intuitive digital display
  • Six removable wire shelves
  • Four Leveling Legs
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Even forced air cooling


  • Not found

2. Whynter 8.1 cu. ft. Full Size Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter 8.1 cu. ft. Full Size Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 48 inches
  • Weight:   158 pounds
  • Capacity:   8.1 Cu. Ft.
  • Powerful Compressor Cooling
  • Tempered double pane glass
Star Rating:

This unit ideal expansion to any home or business foundation for cooling and putting away your favorite lagers and canned refreshments.

Easily control the inside energy-effective LED delicate light and temperature settings of your refreshment cooler utilizing the computerized control board.

This full-size beverage fridge is outfitted with excessively lit entryway lighting and gives an appealingly emotional impact to your lounge room or amusement territory.

The total storage capacity of this beverage cooler is 273 standard size 12oz cans. Five wire shelves help you to store different size beverage cans and bottles.

This beverage refrigerator highlights a fan-constrained course to keep a uniformly cooled space and predictable temperatures.

Its cylinder safety lock gives assurance and extra security from unapproved admittance to your refreshment fridge. It helps to maintain a stable temperature. 

Its incredible Compressor Cooling Keep your beverages new with temperature going from high 30°F – mid 60°F.


  • The capacity of 273 standard 12 oz. can
  • Superlit door lighting strip
  • Digital temperature control
  • Temperature range 34°F – 43°F
  • Freestanding installation


  • Not found

3. KingsBottle 300 Cans Full Size Beverage Refrigerator

KingsBottle 300 Cans Full Size Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 26.97 x 23.54 x 55.7 inches
  • Weight:  198 pounds
  • Capacity:  10.88 Cu. Ft.
  • Italian-made Carel temperature control
  • Front-venting dispersion system
Star Rating:

This full-size 300-can beverage refrigerator is an ideal cooling answer for purchasers and organizations in the lodging and café verticals.

This single zone glass entryway cooler has got best in class Italian temperature control framework from Carel, the business chief in the regulator business, to keep the drinks at an appropriate temperature as suggested by driving refreshment makers.

The temperature regulator works pair with the a-list Embraco compressor alongside LED light to guarantee that drink refrigeration doesn’t make a gouge in your investment funds.

It can store up to 300 standard sizes 12oz cans in a pleasant, cool climate, with precise temperature control to offer your visitors or clients consummately chilled drinks on a sweltering summer day.

The presence of programmed defrosting out control mode in the upstanding brew refrigerator keeps frozen gems under control, accordingly empowering the machine to remain solid and continue to perform at its best.

The size of jars differs, and your stainless steel brew fridge offered by KingsBottle is completely set up to make each space change. You can change the racks to fit all your refreshment venture.

Most importantly, with an insignificant extra least space prerequisite for Built-in Applications at 1/2″ either side of the unit, in addition to 1″ behind the unit and 1/2″ on top, you can utilize this beverage fridge with a glass entryway as an underlying unit or freestanding piece.


  • Embraco Compressor
  • Italian Brand Controller
  • Stainless Steel Glass Door
  • 300 cans Large Capacity
  • 5 Chromed Steel Shelves


  • LED light not much bright

 4. Zephyr 24 Inch Full-Size Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Zephyr 24 Inch Full-Size Wine and Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 34 inches
  • Weight:  140 pounds
  • Capacity:  5.15 Cu. Ft.
  • Low-e Argon-Filled Glass Door
  • Active Cooling Technology
Star Rating:

If you are looking for a full size wine and beverage cooler then this Zephyr french door dual zone beverage refrigerator is ideal for you.

The Zephyr beverage refrigerator utilizes active cooling technology to chill your wine assortment. The wine compartment has a temperature range 38°F – 65°F  while the beverage zone has a temperature range from 34°F – 65°F.

One can store 21 standard size wine bottles with 60 beverage 12oz cans with its six removable wooden shelves and three glass shelves.

You can control the temperature of each zone as per your requirement with its digital capacitive touch control panel.

The dual-pane glass door with stainless steel frame makes your wine protect from UV lights and maintains the original taste.

Its active carbon filter air filtration makes inside fresh every time. Its three-color LED lights to illuminate your inside wine and beverage assortments. 

The front ventilation throws out the warmth from the front side and you can set this beverage refrigerator under the counter or built-in.


  • Stores 21 bottles and 60 cans
  • Six full-extension black wood racks
  • Three slide-out grey glass shelves
  • Temperature range  34°F – 65°F 
  • French-style glass door


  • Not found

5. KoolMore 45″ Commercial Glass 2 Door Display Beverage Refrigerator

KoolMore 45 Commercial Glass 2 Door Display Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 28.8 x 79.7 inches
  • Weight:  341 pounds
  • Capacity:  35 Cu. Ft.
  • Self closing doors with lock and key
  • Temp range 32-50 Fahrenheit
Star Rating:

The KoolMore dual door entryway show fridge is Ideal for eateries, bistros, staple goods, and blossom shops. It has a base-mounted compressor and raised base rack for advantageous stacking, dumping, and support.

This beverage refrigerator draws the client’s attention with an adaptable top-lit board and 2 LED light strips. Its 8 movable erosion-safe racks offer the most extreme presentation prospects.

This full-size beverage refrigerator holds up to 35 cu. ft. What’s more, has outside advanced temperature control and shows to screen and control the temperature without any problem.

Hostile to hazing framework and self-shutting glass show entryways with lock and key guarantee greatest coolness and perceivability.  ETL

This Unit is Listed for Safety and Sanitation, making it NSF ANSI 7 Standard for Commercial fridges. 115V, 60HZ, Dimensions 44. 5″ L x 28. 8″W x 79. 7″H.

One can set the temp of this beverage refrigerator from 32-50 Fahrenheit. 


  • Large 35 cu. ft. storage capacity
  • 8 easily adjustable shelves
  • Digital temperature display and controls
  • Auto defrost timer
  • Self-closing doors with lock 


  • Not for home use

6. COLZER 180 Cans of High-Capacity Full Size Beverage Refrigerator

COLZER 180 Cans of High-Capacity Full Size Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 23.23 x 22.44 x 34.25 inches
  • Weight:  88 pounds
  • Capacity:  180 Cans
  • Flexible metal shelves
  • Tight security lock
Star Rating:

This full-size beverage refrigerator is the ideal “party visitor” to any friendly gathering. Not only one but you can store a wide range of beverages however the cooler gets cold rapidly and stays cold with a convection fan.

The COLZER Beverage Fridge is an incredible refrigerator that chills Drinks and Wine right down to 0-37 degrees for frosty reward and freshness.

Storing it in cooler assists with killing the impact of these by keeping your Beverage and Wine at the fitting temperature and dampness while shielding it from daylight.

It’s tight security lock ensures that Precious Collection is protected and reliable. Locking ways to prevent unauthorized contact with alcohol. No one approaches your beverages except if you say so with the True-key lock.

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This beverage refrigerator utilizes an upgraded and Energy Efficient Cooling System, which is Quietly and Cools rapidly. Air cooling framework can keep up great Air Circulation and steady temperature climate.

The refreshment fridge has 3 separable racks and distinctive rack tallness, which permits you to change the space to accommodate your bottles, including Tall Bottles and Cans.

This 24″ Drink Cooler has 8 delicate blue inside LED lights, Display all refreshments easily, creating a warm and lovely gathering climate. Obviously, on the off chance that you needn’t bother with it, can uninhibitedly decide to turn it on and off.


  • Temperature control range 36-50℉
  • Three detachable shelves
  • Double-layered glass door
  • Low Noise <38 DB
  • Holds 46 wine bottles or 183 Can
  • Safety door lock


  • Small capacity compared to other

7. KingsBottle Built-In Beer & Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

KingsBottle Built-In Beer & Beverage Cooler Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 27 x 23.5 x 71.8 inches
  • Weight:  287 pounds
  • Capacity:  14.3 Cu. Ft 
  • In-built Carel temperature controller 
  •  Massive storage capacity
Star Rating:

This 14.30 Cu. Ft full-size beverage refrigerator cooler holds 450 cans of brew or different drinks and shows them alluringly to your clients.

Ideal for indoor use, this stainless steel refrigerator has a glass board entryway, movable racks, and inside LED lights to show your drink choice while keeping everything at the ideal temperature.

With the front ventilation design and a calm fan, KingsBottle’s 450 Cans Beer Refrigerator is the ideal decision for your drink cooling needs.

The beverage refrigerator has a premium Italian brand CAREL temperature control framework for uncommon dependability. One can adjust the temperature in the range 32-100°F.

This beverage refrigerator estimates 27″ x 23.5″ x 71.8″. It has hardened steel fabricated and chrome racks to protect the maker justified nature of the lager and drinks.

The beverage fridge glass entryway works quietly in light of the fact that it’s outfitted with a productive EMBRACO compressor and quiet DC-fans.

A fan-coursed air cooling framework, with best-in-class fans, guarantee air dispersion and temperature consistency all through the bureau.


  • Temperature control range 32-100°F
  • Embraco Compressor
  • Italian Brand Controller
  • Stainless Steel Glass Door
  • 450 cans Large Capacity
  • 8 Chromed Steel Shelves


  • High price

Kalamera 24 inches 154 Cans Full Capacity Beverage Cooler

Kalamera 24 inch 154 Cans Full Capacity Beverage Cooler


  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
  • Weight:  104 pounds
  • Capacity:  154 Cans
  • Whisper-quiet compressor
  • Elegant design
Star Rating:

This beverage refrigerator is planned from tempered steel, with a triple-layered straightforward glass entryway embed. It’s lit by blue LED lights that are delicate but then feature where to discover the pop or brew during the major event!

The Kalamera beverage refrigerator is worked with a murmur calm compressor, to keep up temperatures from 38-50°F without steady beginnings and stops.

It additionally has a temperature memory work, will reestablish the set temperature in the cooler after it is back on from power lost, which holds your wine assortment back from turning sour with expanding temperature.

The racks are not difficult to eliminate for quick and effective stocking, and you can return to appreciating time with your loved ones!

This model takes up under 23″x24″ of floor space, giving you a space for consummately chilled lager and soft drink that dispenses with unattractive cases and drippy coolers!

It tends to be introduced under the counter in your kitchen or bar, or can be utilized as a detached unit in your family or feasting region, man cavern, or diversion region!

Additionally, a child safety lock is provided on the door to prevent your assortment from child or unauthorized access and frequent opening of the door.  


  • Blue interior LED light
  • Security lock
  • Reversible door
  • 5 sliding metal shelves
  • Cooling temperature range: 38-50°F


  • Not found

Buying Guide For Full Size Beverage Refrigerator

There are several factors that you might consider while choosing the best full size beverage refrigerator. Here we described some factors that you have to consider before purchasing a beverage refrigerator.

Energy Rating

You’re as a matter of first importance concern ought to be the energy rating of the beverage refrigerator you are keen on. By this, we mean the energy it devours and the force yield it oozes. A decent apparatus needs to devour an insignificant measure of force yet emit liberal force yield.

Kinds of Drinks

Drinks come in different sorts and plans. Because of these distinctions, it may not generally be that the fridge you are keen on might have the option to store and deal with them.

That is the reason you need to think about the sorts of beverages and match them with the correct beverage refrigerator.

Outside Designs

Aside from containing and liberating your refreshments, the best machine likewise assumes the auxiliary part of improving the style of your room and home.

It is a result of this that outside plan and appearance ought to likewise be thought of. Discover one that is genuinely rich to view. It must be shimmering.

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Space Availability

What amount of space do you have available to you? Clearly, the full size beverage refrigerator must have the option to fit the space you have in your family.

You need to learn how much space you have and afterward follow it with finding an apparatus that can fit easily in the space.

Conveying Capacity

What number of substances can the cooler hold at some random time? You need to evaluate exactly the amount you may put at home or shop and store in the fridge.

At that point, as you search for the best machine, be careful just to agree to that one which can contain each one of those substances serenely at a time.

Freezing Options

Which freezing choices would you say you are keen on? There are two primary alternatives stylish today. These are the profound and the ordinary freezing individually. A decent machine must have the option to deal with the two alternatives all at once. This is to save you time and furthermore ensure smoother activities from the start.

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Cost Implications

Examine your own spending plan and monetary asset blessing. Proceed onward to search for that cooler that falls inside your monetary spending plan.

For best results, think about the costs of the different brands and retail outlets. Try not to avoid dealing as you unquestionably need the least expensive.

Support And Repairs

Every once in a while, these machines will separate. On the off chance that and when this occurs, you should re-establish them to their unique legitimate working conditions.

This regardless, you actually need to have one that is less inclined to this issue. Search for one whose form is solid and strong.

Unit Dimensions

The general elements of the machine are likewise a vital thought. A decent one must be adequately minimized to take into account simple conveying and transportation. Likewise, its size must have the option to fit the establishment space you may save for its utilization.

Storage Capacity

As a last thought, be aware of the storage capacity that the apparatus has on its inside. We have effectively clarified that refreshments come in different sizes, bundling, and limits.

You need one that is suitably fit to deal with these distinctions well. That is the reason you need to discover one with a large number.

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FAQs on Full Size Beverage Refrigerator

Could a beverage refrigerator be utilized as a fridge?

Not really! Most refreshment coolers are uncommonly intended to take into account beverages and beverages alone. They are subsequently far-fetched to deal with different sorts of food sources other than drinks. Some fresher models however and open and extensive enough to deal with other food things.

How cold can a beverage refrigerator be?

Beverage refrigerators to go as low as 40-45°F. Contrast this with the ordinary food coolers which can scarcely oversee 35-38°F. As you may see, they are not actually as cool as their typical partners. This implies they are less compelling and subsequently unacceptable for dealing with other food things.

What temperature should a beverage refrigerator be?

This relies generally upon the sort of drink you mean to save. Various drinks require various levels of cold. Numerous refreshments have been noted to do well in the 35-40°F temperature range. At that point, the reach additionally fluctuates starting with one brand then onto the next.

What is the distinction between a beverage cooler and a fridge?

They are comparable in practically all respects. The extra room given by the refreshment cooler is anyway restricted. At that point, it likewise does not have the advantage of customizable racks as their typical fridges do appreciate. Finally, they likewise have a glass entryway to allow you effectively to screen the inside substance.

What is a beverage fridge?

This is an uncommon sort of fridge that is planned solely to contain and cool your beverages. It bears numerous similitudes to your common fridge. The lone contrasts are the higher least cooling temperatures and the absence of compartments.

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Would you be able to placed soda pops in beverage refrigerators?

Why not? All beverage refrigerators can deal with both the drunkard and non-mixed drinks the same. You can, hence, put your sodas in a wine cooler. Make certain to be aware of the suggested temperature rating of the refreshment you have at the top of the priority list.

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