Best Under Counter Wine Cooler In 2022

best under counter wine cooler

Wine is quite possibly the most mainstream drink on the planet however on the off chance that you need to make the most of its genuine flavor it is crucial to store the wine bottles appropriately.

Preferably, wine ought to be put away in wine coolers, as these spots can keep up the correct degree of dampness and the privilege natural temperature, yet not we all have the fortune of claiming such a spot.

Regardless of whether you are arranging or designing your kitchen cabinetry, an implicit under-counter wine cooler is a delightful and practical expansion to your engaging space.

Under counter wine coolers are mainstream with wine lovers who wish to hold a 12-container to 56-bottle limit wine assortment.

Most current wine coolers fit flawlessly under standard-sized kitchen counters. They are also known as built-in wine coolers.

So what is the means by under counter or built-in wine coolers?

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All things considered, as the name suggests, these wine coolers can be incorporated into existing units in your kitchen. This assists with giving you a more smoothed outlook than introducing a massive freestanding machine.

Regardless of whether you need to supplant an unused waste disposal unit with something more functional like a cooler or you have other cabinetry shouting out for a refit, an underlying unit is a brilliant decision.

Today, we’ll be surveying the best of the main models in an undeniably jam-packed market portion. We have picked both single-zone and double zone coolers.

We likewise attempted to incorporate coolers with changing limits so there ought to be something for all preferences and financial plans.

If you are in hurry, let’s see our top picked first

Top Picked Under Counter Wine Coolers

Nictemaw 15 Inch Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Refrigerator

Nictemaw 15 Inch Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Refrigerator

Aobosi 24 Inch Under Counter Beverage and Wine Cooler

Aobosi 24 Inch Under Counter Beverage and Wine Cooler

Kalamera 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Kalamera 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Best Under Counter Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Aobosi 24 Inch Under Counter Beverage and Wine Cooler

Aobosi 24 Inch Under Counter Beverage and Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions:  38.5 x 27 x 27 inches
  • Weight:   134.5 pounds
  • Capacity:   18 bottles 57 Cans
  • 2-IN-1 Beverage and Wine Cooler
Star Rating:

On the off chance that you have a bustling family with the need to store both packaged and canned refreshments, this Aobosi cooler is a flawless arrangement.

You’ll have space to store 18 wine bottles and 57 beverage cans in this unit.

Urgently, you’ll likewise profit by twin cooling zones. On the left-hand side, you can store your white wines chilled from 35.6F to 50F. The opposite side of the cooler gives you a temperature band of 41F to 64.4F, ideal for any red wines you need to store present moment or long haul.

Utilizing a double zone cooler limits the problem of carrying wines to serving and drinking temperature. Keep them prepared to serve and however long you need.

You can oblige 18 standard jugs of Bordeaux, yet you can likewise change or eliminate the racks in the event that you need to make space for bigger containers of effervescent.

There’s stainless steel ventilation prepared into the front of this cooler giving you greater adaptability as far as situating. Decide to incorporate this cooler into your cupboards or leave it unattached.

This Aobosi wine cooler works best in under counter and built-in position in the kitchen.

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You will not have to leave an excess of room for the warmth to disperse in the event that you construct this cooler since that vent deals with things for you.

For a multipurpose cooler that would make an incredible expansion to any kitchen, Aobosi hits a homer here.

With high-effectiveness dissemination fans, this built-in wine cooler runs discreetly and chills off rapidly. The cool air is conveyed equally all through the inside to keep up ideal stickiness for each bottle.

The pure glass entryway gives an unmistakable survey of your wine, which is enlightened by the blue LED light.

This Aobosi wine cooler featured with wellbeing lock, avoiding the entryway is opened regularly by kids or others. This will adequately secure your wine and keep great taste.


  • Fit for Built-In or Freestanding Installation
  • Advanced temperature control panel
  • Flexible to store any types of wine or beverages
  • high-efficiency compressor and circulation fans


  • Little bit noisy

2. Antarctic Star 15 Inch Built-in Wine Cooler and Beverage Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 15 Inch Built-in Wine Cooler and Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 14.96 x 22.75 x 34.25 inches
  • Weight:  88 pounds
  • Capacity:  28 bottles 
  • Quiet & low vibration

Star Rating:

Antarctic Star don’t have a wide scope of wine coolers, yet their restricted determination has some striking models like this built-in double zone 28-bottle unit.

You ought to be certain that this isn’t the ideal cooler on the off chance that you need a powerful assortment of blended wines you can develop after some time. The expressed most extreme limit of 28 containers is at any rate little.

Past this, we found various clients grumbling about attempting to accomplish anyplace close to this limit. Toss in barely separated racking, and this is anything but a cooler for huge wine assortments.

Assuming, nonetheless, you have restricted space in the kitchen however you’re not set up to settle on wine stockpiling, this space-saving buit-in unit is the ideal arrangement.

Estimating up at 15 x 22.75 x 34.25 inches and weighing in at 88 pounds, this is a conservative diamond with sufficient space for a little wine assortment.

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Curiously for a little wine cooler, you get double zone usefulness. This permits you to store the two reds and whites present moment and to serve them at the various temperatures fundamental to get the best out of them.

Browse under counter or freestanding establishment relying upon the plan of your kitchen.

Similar as a large number of these under counter wine coolers, you get a decent harmony between treated steel and the wood used to edge the racking. The cooler would function admirably in both customary and innovator kitchens.

The twofold paned entryways accompany double paned glass. Set the temperature from 41F to 68F in one or the other zone to appreciate gigantic adaptability.

On the off chance that you need a little assortment of blended wines put away present moment, this double zone cooler from Antarctic Star is a flat out must.


  • Frost-Free Stainless Steel Door and Handle
  • The temperature setting goes from 41℉to 68℉
  • Stylish design match any kitchen


  • Not found

3. Phiestina 46 Bottle Dual Zone under counter wine refrigerators reviews

Phiestina 46 Bottle Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 33 x 22.4 inches
  • Weight:  102 pounds
  • Capacity:  46 bottles 
  • Reversible door hinge

Star Rating:

How would you be able to respond on the off chance that you need an under-counter wine cooler at the present time, however you likewise need the adaptability of an independent unit on the off chance that you move house or alter your perspective on the situation?

Indeed, this double zone wine cooler from Phiestina gives you the alternative of establishment utilizing either technique, so you never need to settle.

In the event that you gather both red and white wine, you’ll appreciate they need putting away at various temperatures. This is the key selling point of any double zone cooler and something first-rate on this model.

The upper zone will keep your white wine chilled somewhere in the range of 40F and 50F. Down beneath, keep your red wines cooled from 50F to 66F. Decide to show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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You get considerably greater adaptability with regards to situating because of the reversible entryway pivot. This permits you to utilize squeezed spaces and to appreciate customized set-up.

While this wine cooler will keep all your wine bottles chilled at the correct temperature either present moment or long haul, it runs unobtrusively and you will not be menaced by that drawn-out droning sound.

5 removable racks mean you can design your capacity climate to suit your wine assortment. These racks are likewise completely flexible.

On the off chance that you need a hard-hitting wine cooler conveying noteworthy limits without overwhelming the entire kitchen, try the Phiestina out.

Assemble quality and execution are more than fit for reason, and this cooler is acutely estimated, as well.


  • Adjustable and removable shelves
  • Whisper quiet performance
  • Easy to install as buit-in or freestanding
  • Required less space to fit it


  • Not found

4. Kalamera 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Kalamera 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-in Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 29.1 x 28.5 inches
  • Weight:  104 pounds
  • Capacity:  45 bottles 
  • Smart digital control

Star Rating:

On the off chance that you have a high budget and a developing wine assortment, consider putting resources into this 45-bottle double zone cooler built-in wine cooler from Kalamera.

Double zone coolers are significant on the off chance that you need to save both red and white wine for transient utilization. As you’ll without a doubt know, red and white wines are best served at various temperatures.

With this cooler, you can cool your whites in the upper zone from 40F to 50F. Down underneath, there’s space for a decent choice of reds. Keep this chilled marginally less forcefully from 50F to 66F.

You can, obviously, set the two zones to a similar temperature on the off chance that you intend to utilize this cooler for long-haul storage.

Take a stab at 55F and afterward change in accordance with service in case you’re in this for the long stretch.

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The flexible beech racking can be reconfigured in the event that you need to store bigger containers. The limit will be correspondingly diminished. You ought to likewise take note of that, similarly, as with all wine coolers, the cited limit is totally packed. Our recommendation is to decide in favor of alert and go bigger than you first might suspect you need.

With next to no commotion or vibration, you will not wind up with the residue in your wine bottles unsettled and the flavor debilitated.

Fabricate quality is strong. Strong beech racks and tempered steel all through guarantees that this cooler will last the distance.

Likewise, with the cooler above, you may experience the ill effects of need and inert client support in the event that you run into any issues. Given the general nature of this sublime wine cooler, we don’t believe there are many possibilities of disillusionment, however.


  • Sliding Beech Wooden Racks
  • Energy-Efficient Compressor
  • Runs Virtually Silent with No Vibration


  • Not found

5. EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 23.5 x 34 inches
  • Weight:  100 pound
  • Capacity:  36 bottles 
  • Shelf Bottle Arrangement

Star Rating:

EdgeStar’s 36-bottle cooler is another model that manages the cost of you the choice of built-in or under counter establishment. On the whole, occurrences, ensure you leave space for ventilation around the cooler.

This unit estimates 34.6 x 23.5 x 22.6 inches and gauges 100 pounds. As a trade-off for this generous size, you get a correspondingly powerful limit.

Accepting you utilize normal 750ml containers of Bordeaux, you could press in up to 36 jugs. This is unquestionably the most extreme with 30 or so a more agreeable fit.

Similarly, as with all good wine coolers, you can eliminate the racks to keep them clean. This additionally permits you to rejig inward capacity in case you’re hoping to stash bigger jugs. You’ll additionally have the option to store fewer containers in the event that they are outsized.

Lockable entryways guarantee your valuable wine assortment is protected from the meddlesome hands of any children in the house.

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You can see your assortment without opening the entryways on account of blue inside LEDs. The more you protect the uprightness of the cooling climate, the better the possibilities of your wine when put away after some time.

Responsive and effectively safe touch controls guarantee this cooler is not difficult to utilize regardless of whether you’ve never taken a shot at wine storage. Simply punch in your favored temperature for each zone. You can see all you require initially on the LCD.

As a double zone cooler, this unit is ideal for putting away both red and white wine for transient utilization. Appreciate an expansive temperature band of 40F to 65F on each side of the cooler. You can handle each zone autonomously from the control board.

This EdgeStar model is one of our undisputed top choices for its incredible worth and advantageous presentation alongside a strong brand legacy.


  • Slide-out stainless steel-trimmed wood shelves
  • Security lock on each door
  • Shelf Bottle Arrangement
  • Auto defrost


  • Some noise you might hear

6. Lanbo 44 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler

Lanbo 44 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 23.4 x 34.4 inches
  • Weight:  111 pound
  • Capacity:  44 bottles 
  • Temperature memory function

Star Rating:

Lanbo produces a wide scope of profoundly decent built-in wine coolers, so what do you get for your cash here?

The double zone usefulness is awesome on the off chance that you intend to store both red and white wines. In case you’re new to wine gathering, you’ll before long find that you need to cool these wines at various temperatures in the event that you need to appreciate them at their best.

The top zone of this unit has a reach from 41F to 54F. This is ideal for forcefully cooling your white wines so you can profit by that cold freshness. With red wines, hold them down underneath at a hotter temperature range somewhere in the range of 54F and 64F.

All racking is produced using characteristic beech woods which looks incredible and is worked to remain the distance. The racks are removable and flexible, permitting you to establish an exceptionally altered capacity climate relying upon what you intend to keep inside.

With a twofold paned and safety glass entryway, you’ll guarantee that your capacity climate stays secure and uncontaminated by outside light. You’ll additionally have the option to see you assortment obviously without expecting to open the entryways.

The solitary genuine objections we could discover while investigating this cooler came as some blowback from clients who has encountered helpless client assistance. By and large, however, shopper assessment is overwhelmingly certain.

In the event that you need a sensibly under counter wine cooler that you can incorporate into your cupboards without spending a fortune, This Lanbo wine cooler does this same.


  • Eye-catching beech wood racking
  • Temperature memory function
  • Double-paned tempered glass door


  • You may find customer support issue

7. Aobosi 46 Bottle Freestanding and Built in Wine Refrigerator

Aobosi 46 Bottle Freestanding and Built in Wine Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 23.45 x 22.7 x 34.2 inches
  • Weight:  100 pound
  • Capacity:  46 bottles 
  • Carbon filtration system

Star Rating:

Do you need a heavier under counter wine cooler equipped for obliging a developing wine assortment? Assuming this is the case, Aobosi has a 46-bottle built-in model that is definitely justified even despite your further examination.

Albeit this is one of the more extensive coolers we audit as far as inside limit, the general measurements are misleadingly little.

Decide to leave the wine cooler freestanding, or incorporate it into your kitchen for a smooth and smoothed out look.

This compressor based cooling returns a peaceful and effective strategy for keeping your wines put away, regardless of whether present moment or long haul.

The stainless steel and glass entryway is strong and worked to last. The beech racks balance pleasantly with this utilitarian look. Surprisingly better, you can change these racks to work out an entirely customized capacity climate relying upon what kind of drinks you’re hoping to lay up.

On the off chance that you experience continuous blackouts in your general vicinity, you’ll appreciate the temperature memory work. This resets each zone of the cooler to the working temperature before the power went down, so your valuable wine won’t ever be left chilling at unacceptable temperatures.

You ought to have space for up to 46 standard size wine bottles in this cooler. Similarly as with all limits cited by makers, this ought to be taken as irrefutably the most extreme as opposed to an agreeable level.

In the event that you believe you need somewhat more space, there are a lot of bigger implicit wine coolers available to anyone.

Because of the compressor, this unit runs pretty discreetly, in contrast to a portion of the most noticeably terrible wine coolers. Evaluated at only 42 decibels, you’re hear a weak foundation commotion instead of a monotonous murmur that will make you insane.


  • Decent storage capacity
  • Temperature memory function
  • Sophisticated unique design


  • Difficult to move due to heavier size

8. BODEGA 31 Bottle Front Vent Single Zone Under Counter Wine Cooler

BODEGA 31 Bottle Front Vent Single Zone Under Counter Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions: 37 x 26.5 x 19 inches
  • Weight:  93.8 pound
  • Capacity:  31 bottles 
  • Sturdy Sliding Bracket

Star Rating:

This Bodega under counter wine cooler is first choice in single zone wine coolers.

This 15 inch built-in wine cooler highlights an amazing slide-out rack made of excellent eucalyptus for simple admittance to any container.

Inherent rich twofold glass entryway that showcases substance and attractive entryway seals to keep up the ideal temperature and moistness inside the cooler.

This wine cooler has advanced compressor cooling and air dissemination framework, you can have confidence that this wine cooler unit is just about as tranquil as a stone.

It guarantees that chilly air is passed to each side of the cooler with no clamor. Have a BODEGA under counter wine cooler, make the most of your wine chilled.

The LCD temperature control empowers you to tune the temperature to your desired degree between 41~68°F. The wine cooler underlying a capacity to reestablish your cooler back to the set temperature from a power lost, making it simpler and more helpful to utilize.

This single zone wine cooler has storage capacity of standard size 31 wine bottles. It can also accommodate larger wine bottles but this reduces total storage capacity by removing racks.

The cooler is equipped with adjustable legs, which helps you to put cooler in horizontal with proper fittings.


  • Easily store larger bottles
  • Advanced vibration free compressor cooling
  • Smart LCD temperature control
  • Ideal for the kitchen 


  • Only single zone

9. Nictemaw 15 Inch Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Refrigerator

Nictemaw 15 Inch Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Refrigerator


  • Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 33.5 inches
  • Weight:  77 pound
  • Capacity:  32 bottles 
  • Attractive design & durable material

Star Rating:

This 15 inch under counter wine refrigerator is planned with double zone, the wine cooler can be set to the ideal temperature for both zones. Temp can be adjusted from 41-55°F for the upper zone and 55-65°F for the lower zone.

Simple to set and screen the temperature of each zone through the touch control boards with temperature memory work and advanced displays.

The refrigerator providing wonderful chilling temperature and best taste of your favourite wine or refreshments consistently.

This 15 Inch smaller under counter wine refrigerator can hold up to 32 standard-size (750 ml) wine bottles on its durable beech racks with grooves.

With the extraordinary front ventilation, the double zone wine ice chest is appropriate for upstanding or built-in kitchen counters just as for little bars, lounge rooms or workplaces.

Advanced air cooling system with proficient compressor are completely coordinated, with one of a kind damping framework and adjustable & stable 4 bureau feet to extraordinarily diminish the effect of quake and commotion, with a low working clamor of 42 dB and energy saving.

Its built-in dissemination framework with circulator fans, the two-zone wine bureau can keep a consistent temperature for wines gives an ideal climate.

The smart silver standpoint and hardened steel configuration supplement any home decoration. The entryway of refreshment fridge is made of twofold sheet glass to shield the wine from outside unsafe beams.

Furnished with the removable beech rack and wellbeing lock and Blue delicate LED light, enhances the visual allure inside at whatever point displaying your wine assortment.


  • Six beach wood adjustable shelves
  • Safety door lock 
  • Stainless Steel Edging Design
  • Carbon Filter System


  • Not found

10. NewAir AWR-1160DB 116 Bottle Under Counter Wine Cooler

NewAir AWR-1160DB 116 Bottle Under Counter Wine Cooler


  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 26.8 x 56 inches
  • Weight:  183 pound
  • Capacity:  116 bottles 
  • Fully-Adjustable Wood Shelves

Star Rating:

The NewAir AWR-1160DB Premier Gold Series 116 bottle wine cooler is ideal for ardent wine lovers. The front venting configuration considers adaptable establishment – either incorporate it into a cabinet or use it as a freestanding unit.

With space to hide away from 116 jugs of your number one vintage, the double cooling zones permit you to keep both red and white wines at ideal temperatures.

Highlighting smoke-colored triple-layer glass with a reversible tempered steel entryway. The AWR-1160DB offers security against both light and UV beams.

The advanced digital touch control board offers full temperature control for the two zones permitting you to set separate temperature controls for the upper zone, which can be changed somewhere in the range of 40F and 50F, and a lower zone, which can be changed between 50F to 66F.

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Moreover, the custom gold LED inside light highlights numerous splendor settings for ideal presentation and enlightenment of your assortment.

The eleven-rail sliding wooden rack framework permits simple admittance to each wine bottle and expands farther than other rack plans. One can store bigger size bottles by removing shelves, but it lessens the storage capacity.

NewAir’s Premier Gold Series units likewise accompany an In-Home Warranty, intended to give you certainty and true serenity.


  • Three-Rail Sliding Shelves
  • Dual Zone LED Controls
  • Triple-Layer Glass Door
  • Stores up to 116 bottles of wine
  • Front venting for a built-in application


  • Much large capacity

Tips to Choose The Best Under Counter Wine Cooler

An under counter wine cooler is probably the most ideal alternative in your home. Be that as it may, to pick the best under counter wine coolers isn’t simple.

Here we will give a few hints to assist you with getting the best under counter wine coolers.


This is likely the main interesting point when you purchase an undercounter wine cooler. Not at all like the freestyle models, coordinated models are accessible with the counter.

Whenever they are underlying, you won’t take them out without any problem. So you should have definite estimations of your ideal area prepared when you show up at the store (or when you search the web). With the estimations set up, at any rate you can know whether it will fit or not.

The best undercounter wine coolers is the one that finds a way into your home.

Storage Capacity 

Make certain the complete limit of the coolers on your waitlist gels with your requirements. In case you’re gotten between two sizes, consistently settle on the huge one if conceivable.

We say if conceivable since you additionally need to consider the general size of the cooler and whether you have the space for it in the kitchen.

Discover a harmony among limit and measurements.

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Single-Zone Vs Dual-Zone

On the off chance that you need to store just red or white wine, a solitary zone cooler functions admirably.

Additionally, when you’re putting away blended wine long haul, you can chill red and whites to 55F. This again delivers a solitary zone unit fit for reason.

At the point when you regularly drink red and white wines and you need them chilled for momentary utilization, a double zone cooler is fundamental.

We incorporated different alternatives of each kind of cooler so move with what works best.

Position of air ventilation

On the off chance that you plan on introducing the cooler in built-in or under counter position, you should be careful about where the air vent is situated.

Front ventilation is vigorously exhorted for a cooler that you plan on confining, as it disseminates the warmth with no issue.

Back ventilation, then again, may make the cooler exhaust and bite the dust quicker, as the warmth can’t stream out.

Noise Factor

A few people couldn’t care less about the buzzing sound a wine cooler makes, yet a few people truly can’t stand it. Assuming you are essential for the subsequent gathering, you need to think about quietness.

An under-counter thermo-incorporated wine refrigerator is the most ideal decision for the individuals who can’t stand the commotion.

The best under counter wine coolers won’t make you awkward.

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Temperature Stability

A great deal of undercounter items available have cupboard temperatures, which can vary by up to 15 degrees. These conditions are not ideal for putting away wine bottles, as this change can denature the wine.

Since wine is in fact viewed as living grapes, it should be kept in stable conditions. That is the reason it’s critical to guarantee that your wine cooler can deal with encompassing temperature changes and still keep up the set temperature.


Under counter wine coolers accompany a wide value range from $200 to $1500. You can without much of a stretch discover one that meets your own necessities with a reasonable cost contingent upon limit, plans and extra highlights.

When you choose your financial plan, center around models under that range yet remember that cost may accompany quality.

Other Features

Wine coolers accompany LED lights, safety locks, removable racking, auto-thaw out, and different additional items.

All that checks here is purchasing something that gives the cooling climate you need for your wine assortment. Try not to get hung up on additional items.

Great, we’ll balance today with an assortment of answers to the most much of the time posed inquiries about worked in wine coolers and wine storage.

FAQs On How To Choose The Best Built-In Wine Fridge

Can an under counter wine cooler be utilized for different drinks?

Indeed and no. Obviously, you can put anything you need in your cooler. The ideal temperature for wine probably won’t be something very similar for soft drinks or brews. Besides, the racks in a wine fridge are additionally made to fit wine. 

Do under-counter wine cooler need ventilation?

Totally. There should be a route for the warmth made by the cooler to appropriately get away. Ordinarily this ventilation is in the front of the refrigerator, at the top or base.

Can I put a freestanding wine cooler under the counter?

No. It’s essential to buy a wine cooler that is intended to be built-in so it has the legitimate cooling and ventilation framework.

Without appropriate ventilation, a cooler can overheat, cause harm to your cupboards, and in the most pessimistic scenario, cause a fire. This is vital.


As should be obvious, there are various sorts and sizes of under counter wine coolers and refrigerators. You need to consider the number of containers you have in your assortment, and what sort of wine you favor the most.

The items we audited offer diverse cooling choices. Some have the double zone include that permits you to set two distinctive cooling temperatures simultaneously thus store both white and red wine at the ideal temperature.

You ought to likewise recollect that you can utilize these coolers for different drinks notwithstanding wine. Track down the one that accommodates your home the best, and you will love it.

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