Best Wine Cooler with Lock and Key of 2023

wine cooler with lock

On the off chance that you are keen on developing your valued wine assortment by methods for joining a wine cooler into your capacity framework, you’ve likely viewed as the Locking highlights of these units. Wine cooler with lock fulfils this need.

Regardless of whether you two or three small children going around, you shouldn’t limit the expansion of a pristine wine cooler for dread that they will have simple admittance to your containers.

With the assistance of exceptional locking highlights on current wine coolers just as a little anticipating your end, you can have total and all out control of who approaches your wine assortment.

These days, innovation has progressed so quickly that wine buyers today shouldn’t need to stress over-inquisitive children or prying gathering attendees breaking into their reserve.

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Wine coolers have taken gigantic jumps into turning into a typical apparatus in numerous homes around the planet, and we are here to give an inside and out investigate the security highlights of these coolers, and how these instruments can keep your own kids from thwarting any exceptional events.

Many wine cooler units today will highlight some sort of safety lock, yet not at all like the actual coolers, the complexity of this convenience is once in a while restricted.

Prepared on a variety of wine coolers available is a basic key-opening lock. This aspect may be simple, however for the normal client, wine cooler with lock and key is above and beyond in guarding their wines.

Lets look the top picked wine cooler with lock

Top Picked Wine Cooler With Lock and Key


MOOSOO 24 Inch Wine Cooler with lock

MOOSOO 24 Inch Wine Cooler with Lock

Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator With Lock

Kalamera 46 Bottle Wine Refrigerator With Lock

Lanbo Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Safety Lock

Lanbo Built-in Wine Cooler with Safety Lock

Best Wine Cooler With Lock Reviews

1. MOOSOO 24 Inch Wine Cooler with Lock

MOOSOO 24 Inch Wine Cooler with lock


  • Dimensions: 23.43 x 22.64 x 34.26 inches
  • Weight: 110.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 51 bottles 
  • Temperature Memory  Feature
Star Rating:

The first cooler in our rundown of best wine cooler wine lock is from Moosoo 24 inch wine cooler. This cooler accompany all the modern features that you might look in ideal wine cooler.

The cooler has 51 standard size wine bottle storage capacity. One can also accommodate all size and shape bottles with its six removable and 100% slide out wooden shelves.

The most important thing that we look in this rundown is lockable feature is present in this wine cooler. This MOOSOO wine cooler has child safety lock present at center in bottom side of door.

A security lock accompanies with two keys to prevent your cooler, so no one but you can deal with your cooler extra room, guarantee that the wine cooler is totally fixed, keep the wine basement from releasing light, and keep youngsters from breaking the wine bottle.

This lockable wine cooler has temperature range between 41-64.4°F. You can set your desired temperature from digital control panel with just one push click.

The cooler is featured with temperate memory function which automatically restore the preset temperature if suddenly power goes off and cooler restart.

This MOOSOO wine cooler utilize advanced energy efficient compressor cooling framework which provides quiet and efficient cooling without hassle.  

The cooler has under counter establishment joined with stainless steel front vents, so you don’t have to leave a lot of room for heat scattering.

Its other features like soft blue lights, tempered glass door, adjustable legs, circulation fan, sophisticated look makes this wine cooler stand from the others.


  • Energy-efficient compressor cooling
  • Safety lock with two keys
  • Tempered glass door with air tight seal
  • Six removable wooden shelves


  • Only single zone

2. Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator With Lock

Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator With Lock


  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 104.5 pounds
  • Capacity: 46 bottles 
  • Built-in universal hexagon bolt lock
Star Rating:

This Kalamera Lockable Wine Refrigerator  conveys air cooling at the perfect temperature in each area, with a double zone blower that cools every zone to the ideal chilling temperature.

The whole unit is flawlessly made in rich dark, with dim glass that channels UV Rays, all set in a tempered steel entryway and handle.

The cooler is lit with delicate blue LED lighting, so it shows flawlessly any place you choose to store your wine-in a home bar, diversion territory, or in the kitchen.

The underlying all inclusive hexagon jolt lock protects your cooler, so only you can deal with your cooler extra room, forestalling kids playing with your cooler or successive opening with temperature changing and influence your wines.

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LCD temperature show empowers you to tune the temp to your desired degree between 40~50°F for upper zone, 50~66°F for lower zone.

The unit is just 24″ wide, so it fits effectively in many territories. Interestingly, any place you show it, it will give you impeccably chilled, tasty wine at whatever point you need it!

This Kalamera Lockable Wine Refrigerator has a 46-bottle storage limit, with each container supported in its own space, made of common beech wood racking.

The beech wood rack is pleasant looking and sufficiently able to hold your wine assortment, and adequately delicate to secure your wine marks without being damaged.


  • Smart Digital Control
  • Universal hexagon bolt lock
  • Frost-Free Stainless Steel Door
  • Five beech wood shelf with two stoppers


  • Not Found

3. Lanbo Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Safety Lock

Lanbo Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Safety Lock


  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 23.4 x 64 inches
  • Weight: 201 pounds
  • Capacity: 138 bottles 
  • Powerful compressor cooling system
Star Rating:

If you are looking for some large storage capacity wine cooler then this lanbo wine cooler is the ideal choice for you. It has 138 bottle storage capacity.

This cooler highlighting with an amazing compressor cooling framework that is without vibration and almost quiet, consequently this wine cooler refrigerator can secure the flavor and nature of your number one vintages well.

An enormous base front-exhaust framework permits this lockable wine cooler to be put as an under the counter or freestanding unit.

To maintain a strategic distance from the harms brought about unintentionally or flimsy temperature because of regular entryway opening, a security lock is fundamental and significant. This wine cooler accompanying safety lock with 2 keys that is advantageous for conveying and keeping.

This wine basement cooler has a touch screen control board. The advanced temperature board that permits distinctive temperature settings for various kinds of wine. This freestanding wine basement additionally has customizable feet for leveling, an inside white light to enlighten bottles flawlessly.

This underlying wine cooler fridge highlights 12 quality and removable beech wooden racks that could delicately support your top choices, making it effectively to slide out and see your whole assortment

Two LED white lights are introduced inside the implicit wine cooler. They are splendid enough for displaying and looking through your extraordinary wines.


  • Stainless steel sleek door handle
  • 12 quality and removable beech wooden shelves
  • Built-in or Freestanding Versatile
  • 138 Wine Bottles Capacity
  • Digital touch screen control panel


  • Large capacity 
  • High Price

4. Colzer 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator With Lock

Colzer 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator With Lock


  • Dimensions: 15 x 22 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 91 pounds
  • Capacity: 32 bottles 
  • Carbon Filter Inside, Keep Fresh
Star Rating:

Regardless of what type of wine you have, as long as you need to have similar conditions as the wine cellar. This Colzer Wine Cooler has been suggested by a huge number of wine authorities.

This colzer wine cooler has a plan with wide temperature temperature range from 41-72°F, that you not find in any other cooler.

Exact dampness auto control, allows you to alter an ideal climate for your wine of red, white or rose, for long haul maturing or rapidly serving. Stable temperature setting, won’t bounce arbitrarily.

This lockable wine refrigerator can house up to 32 standard-size wine bottles on its tough beech racks with grooves.

Dividing among customizable and removable retires more than 3.5”, no restrictions to store greater size one. No shake No harm bottle when slide in or out.

The compressor of this wine cooler made with international standard manufacturing technology which allows 30% energy saving and negligible vibration.

This Colzer wine refrigerator has child safety lock on door with two keys to protect your wine assortments and maintain the ideal taste of wine.

The cooler is suitable for both built-in or freestanding establishments, which is ideal for kitchen, office, home bar etc.


  • Modern Pole Handle
  • Adjustable Height Cabinet Feet
  • Strong Load Bearing Capacity Beech Wood Rack
  • Door Lock with 2 Keys


  • Not found

5. STAIGIS 15 Inch 30 Bottles Wine Fridge With Lock

STAIGIS 15 Inch 30 Bottles Wine Fridge With Lock


  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 22.4 x 33.9 inches
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Capacity: 30 bottles 
  • High-End Mini Wine Fridge
Star Rating:

This STAIGIS Single-Zone Wine Cooler will give an ideal storage conditions to your wine assortments. You can without much of a stretch set the straight temperature for your wine. Brings your wine a superior flavor.

The advanced temperature control will permit you to change the temperature going from 40-66°F and draw out your wine’s smells.

The safety lock is provided on the door to restrict frequent opening of door and keep your children far from the wine access.

Its six sturdy stainless steel shelves holds wine assortments smoothly. One can accommodate large size bottles by removing shelves.

This wine cooler has concealed pull design which makes your kitchen more concise. Easier to tack out wine bottle and large opening angle of door makes it more ergonomic.

The door of this lockable wine fridge is reversible, you can hinge the door any side you want. It is easier to put it anyplace you may want. 

One can effectively introduce it under the counter, or use it as an inherent or detached unit and gladly show your beverages assortment!


  • Ergonomic Reversible Door
  • Atmospheric Blue LED Lighting
  • Whisper Quiet Function and Lower Vibration
  • Automatic Temperature Memory
  • Stainless steel Shelves to Fit each bottle of wine.


  • Single zone

6. Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler With Lock

Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler With Lock


  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 16.9 x 33.1 inches
  • Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 28 bottles 
  • Double-paned glass door
Star Rating:

This item is the following best thing to having a genuine wine cooler in your own home. Secure and save the flavor and fragrance the vintners planned for your assortment by keeping unsafe UV beams out and keeping an ideal climate for your wines to age with beauty.

The high-level compressor cooling framework conveys the ideal climate for those extraordinary vintages, safeguarding their special flavor and delicacy.

Ivation wine coolers include an extraordinary fan framework that works quietly while as yet flowing air uniformly all through the cooler. This guarantees that the temperature is uniform all through the unit.

The built-in safety lock protects your wine collection from kids and secures it. It also reduced the frequent opening of doors. Two key is provided for your convinience.

A twofold paned glass entryway keeps the inside protected, yet additionally shields your assortment from hurtful UV light that can harm the tannins and generally speaking kind of your wine.

The supported elastic gasket guarantees a water/airproof seal without fail, so conditions inside your wine cooler stay ideal.

Change the temperature and turn on the light by tapping the advanced showcase, at that point effectively lock in settings with the lock button. The splendid LCD show allows you to see the temperature, even in obscurity.

Remove or adjust the racks to oblige fluctuating jug sizes. From pinot noir to champagne, you can be certain your assortment ages serenely.


  • Energy-efficient LED light
  • 41°F to 64°F temperature range
  • Protects your collection from harmful UV light
  • Built-in safety lock


  • Single zone

7. BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler With Safety Lock

BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler With Safety Lock


  • Dimensions: 37 x 26.5 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 93.8 pounds
  • Capacity: 31 bottles 
  • Carbon Filter System & Smart Sensor

Star Rating:

This 15-inch wine cooler highlights an incredible slide-out rack made of great eucalyptus for simple admittance to any jug. Inherent rich twofold glass entryway that showcases substance and attractive entryway seals to keep up the ideal temperature and dampness inside the cooler.

The inherent security lock ensures your cooler protected, so no one but you can deal with your wine cooler extra room, keep your youngster from playing with the cooler or habitually open the wine fridge entryway to change the temperature and influence your wine.

Furnished with 4 flexible feet, you could change the feet to ensure that your wine cooler is set evenly on the floor. Ensure the great exhibition of the wine fridge.

The inherent excellent carbon filtration framework guarantees air immaculateness, cooling proficiency, and keeps a scent-free storage bureau, assisting with keeping up the quality and taste of the wine. Simultaneously, it assists your wine with being put away under ideal temperature and ecological conditions.

The LCD temperature show empowers you to tune the temperature to your number one degree between 41~68°F. The wine cooler inherent a capacity to reestablish your cooler back to the set temperature from a power loss, making it simpler and more advantageous to utilize.


  • Built-in Circulating Air Cooling System
  • Anti-UV Function
  • Smart Digital Control
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Silent, Shock Absorption
  • Safety Lock


  • Not found

8. Schmecke 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator With Lock

Schmecke 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator With Lock


  • Dimensions: 17.72 x 13.58 x 30.31 inches
  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Capacity: 18 bottles 
  • Easy-to-Use Touch Controls

Star Rating:

Schmecke wine coolers’ compressor innovation guarantees temperature isn’t influenced by outside heat sources, and arrives at temperatures adequately low to house shimmering white wines!

Schmecke wine coolers highlight an extraordinary fan framework that works quietly while as yet circling air uniformly all through the cooler. This guarantees that the temperature is uniform all through the unit.

The safety lock at the lower side of the door protects your wine from unauthorized access and kids. Now Keep your wine collection safe with a safety lock. Two keys are included for your convenience.

You can easily change the temperature of the cooler with an advanced digital control panel. This wine cooler has a temperature range of 41º – 64ºF.

The vibration-free working of this wine cooler does not disturb the sediments of wine. 


  • Uniform Air Circulation
  • UV-Resistant Thermopane Glass
  • Temperature Stability
  • Vibration-free operation


  • Not found

Why Lockable Wine Coolers?

The coolers are intended for a grown-up family or adult peoples, and that is additionally why coolers have glass entryways. The proprietor needs to show their assortment, to see their wines and offer the visual with visitors, so on the off chance that a unit has a major, cumbersome lock on it, the cooler turns out to be a greater amount of a blemish as opposed to an assertion piece.

Also If you are using lockable wine coolers in homes then it prevents kids from accessing the wine assortments and protects frequents opening of wine coolers, which ultimately makes your wine tasteful for the long haul.

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With a lockable wine cooler, the customer can undoubtedly bolt the ways to their cooler and keep others out. With an assortment of models, regardless of whether it be a 12, 24, 36, or 60 container unit, single or French entryway, a lock is coordinated into the plan and normally positioned in the base focal point of the entryway, giving it a smooth, exquisite look.

The two or three keys accompany the units, and these keys can be handily copied at any locksmith area, so no compelling reason to stress if a key disappears, except if it was stolen.

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