Sipmore Wine Coolers: Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Why limit your wine assortment on the off chance that you are a wine sweetheart? Come and perceive how Sipmore Wine Coolers take care of your concern in one item.

Sipmore Wine Coolers review

If you are looking for premium wine storage cooler than sipmore wine cooler is our first choice.

As sipmore is not well known company in market, but still its product is worthy to use. It looks premium style when you bring it on your home or basement bar.

Why Sipmore Wine Coolers?

Sipmore is established by a small group of wine sweethearts, who know precisely what you care the most when discussing wine storage.

Its extraordinary innovation permit you to put standard red white and white wine bottles on the rack, including Bordeaux, even Magnum.

You don’t have to expel any rack from cooler. This Sipmore Wine Refrigerator ensures your wine bottles are completely kept at a consistent proper temperature, keep up top and ready molding, just as fit conveniently in a stacked line for straightforward recovery.

With savvy temperature memory framework, your wine won’t just keep fantastically for momentary capacity however will age impeccably for longer term storing.

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In this article we review the best Sipmore wine coolers.

Sipmore Wine Cooler Reviews

15 Inch Dual Zone Sipmore Wine Cooler Review

15 Inch Dual Zone Sipmore Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 23 x 15 x 34.7 inches
  • Weight         :  107.1 pounds
  • Capacity      :  21 bottles
Star Rating:

This 15 inch dual zone sipmore wine cooler is ideal choice for those who are looking for small wine collection storage.

The dual zone of cooler allows to store both red and white wine at their ideal temperatures.

It has a five wooden silde way shelf which are capable of fit any type of wine bottles including Champage, Magum, Sparkling, Bordeaux etc.

The digital temperature control board is located in between the both zones that allows to set desired temperature.

The upper zones of cooler has a temperature ranges from 39 – 55 degree F while the lower zone has a temperature range from 39 – 64 degree F.

It has a 180 degree movable LED lights both sides for proper view of bottles inside cabinet.

The Built in and freestanding design allows to fit anywhere you like.

Its superior quality stainless steel door and handle adds classy appearance to your home. Additionally UV protect glass and safety lock makes your wine bottles secure.

The advance customized compressor cooling system executes with low noise and low vibration.


  • Five wooden silde way shelf
  • Turnable LED lights
  • Temperature memory function
  • Customize compressor cooling


  • High Price

24 Inch Dual Zone Sipmore Wine Cooler Review

24 Inch Dual Zone Sipmore Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 36 x 27 x 26 inches
  • Weight         :  133.7 pounds
  • Capacity      :  37 bottles
Star Rating:

It has roomy inside structure with slide-way wooden shelves that permit you to gather and store multi-size wine bottles.

From the standard Bordeaux, Burgundy to Sparkling, Sipmore gives you the opportunity to store them on any rack of the cooler.

When it is installed in the kitchen cupboard, its ventilation framework makes frost free, low noise and low vibration condition which is sheltered and stable for your wine.

There are LED lights on both sides of cabinet. The lights will consequently illuminate the cooler when you open the door, allowing you to perceive each and every container of your assortments easily.

The smart digital temperature control allows to set desired temperature of each zone.

Additionally temperature memory function is provides in that automatically set pre-set temperature when accidently power goes off.

Its advanced compressor based cooling technology cool every corner of cabinet equally.

The stainless steel design of door and handle adds luxurious appearance to your device.  


  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Smart digital control
  • Seamless stainless steel frame
  • Five side-way beech wooden shelves


  • Not found

24 Inch Single Zone 44 Bottles Sipmore Wine Cooler

24 Inch Single Zone 44 Bottles Sipmore Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 23 x 23.4 x 34.5 inches
  • Weight         :  124.7 pounds
  • Capacity      :  44 bottles
Star Rating:

If you are looking for single zone wine cooler than this 44 Bottles Sipmore Wine Cooler is perfect for you.

Sipmore consistent stainless steel outline adds a trendy touch to your wine assortment. It also adds stylish look in either your home bar, kitchen, or main room.

The 44 multi sized bottle storage capacity brings more possibility for your life. Its six slide way shelves allows to store any size bottle without decreasing the storage capacity.

Its advanced compressor cooling system gives similarly conveyed refrigeration to your wine, while lowering the most vibrations and exorbitant commotions, permitting clients to make the most of their wine in harmony.

Its smooth digital control is easy to set desired temperatures. As this Sipmore wine cooler is single zone you can set only one temperature at a time.

The safety lock is provided to prevent children from opening the cooler accidently and affect your wine collection.

The inside two way LED lights showcase your inside wine collection clearly.


  • Fits multi sized bottles
  • Classic appearance
  • Super quiet with low vibration
  • Built in or freestanding installation


  • Not found

sipmore 24 inch dual zone wine cooler


Sipmore Wine Coolers Features

Sipmore wine refrigerators has most of all the features that ordinary wine coolers has, but it has some additional features that makes them stand out from the others.

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Compressor Cooling Technology

sipmore compressor cooling

Sipmore wine coolers accompany advanced customized compressor cooling framework that gives equally cooling to your wine, while damping the most vibrations and minimizing commotions.

The compressor cooling technology works very quietly that your joy can’t be disturbed.

Brilliant Digital Temprature Control

smart digital temprature control

Its temperature memory function will reestablish the pre-set temperature in the cooler after it is switch on from power failure, which gets your wine assortment far from turning sour with expanding temperature.

The mindful structure additionally permits client to tweak the hear-able warning to streak signal light notice on the control, fulfilling different necessities.

It allows to set desired temperatures for each zones independently.

Smooth Stainless Steel Frame

stainless steel door frame

Sipmore smooth stainless steel outline adds a stylish and modern touch to your wine assortment.

It adds classy look to your basement bar or home or kitchen where you place the wine cooler.

Wellbeing Lock

safety lock

Sipmore additionally has a security lock to keeping kids from opening the cooler unintentionally and cause the loss of cool air and influencing the flavor of your wine assortments.

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180 Degree Turnable Spotlight

LED light of wine cooler

Each device has LED lights on two sides of the cooler for highlighting the names of your wines.

The lights will naturally illuminate the cooler when you open the door, permits you to look each and every wine bottles of your assortments easily.

Keen Maintenance Box

smarrt maintanance box

After numerous long stretches of utilization, if the wine cooler should need maintenance, you don’t have to take out the entirety of your wines from the cooler.

So as to maintain a strategic distance from inadvertent harm to your assortments, basically take out the keen maintenance box and finish the cleaning.


This Sipmore wine coolers has all the excellent highlights found in very good quality models. Indeed, very peaceful cooling framework, low vibration, slide-out racks, quality-fabricated, adaptable and removable racking, UV entryway, and so forth.

Anyway, what separate this model from the other? It has smooth stainless steel entryway and handle, wine-name imprints and temperature memory framework.

On the off chance that you are searching for a medium size wine cooler and you have a splendid character, this Sipmore wine coolers is the best choice. This unit claims an exceptional look that requests considerations in any diversion space.

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