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Kalamera is one of the well-known brand in wine coolers and generally excellent quality. I will do numerous Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews to furnish you with the best decisions to keep your wine at the ideal temperature and dampness.

If you are a wine lover, then you would definitely want to have the best Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews. The technology that these coolers can offer to you is really a big deal in comparison to other coolers available in the market.

Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews

It is a bit pricey compared to other brands but if you are going to spend an extra amount on your wine collection, then you might as well invest on the best cooler that you can find.

With such a cool and durable cooling system at your disposal, you would not want to go wrong with your choice of cooling system.

While these wine fridges have been around for quite a while, current innovation has made it simply that greatly improved. The Kalamera Wine Cooler has been making a serious buzz in this field.

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If you are looking for the best kalamera wine cooler than this review is the definite way with the goal that you can have an the pros and cons of this Kalamera apparatus before you go spending your cash on it.

With the help of wine refrigerator reviews, you can easily determine whether you should buy this brand or not. It is really the only way that you can get good value for your money and that too without spending too much.

Kalamera has proved its worth and has become one of the most preferred refrigerators in the market today. And these reviews can also help you in getting this valuable information at a cheaper price. These reviews will prove to be very useful to you can make your decision without any doubt.

Top Picked Kalamera Wine Coolers


kalamera 24'' wine refrigerator 175 Cans Capacity

kalamera 24” wine refrigerator 

Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine refrigerator

Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine refrigerator

Kalamera 30 Bottles 15'' Wine Cooler Review

Kalamera 30 Bottles 15” Wine Cooler Review

6 Best Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Kalamera 18 Bottles Stainless Steel 12 inch Wine Cooler

Kalamera 18 Bottles Stainless Steel 12 inch Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 22.4 x 11.6 x 33.9 inches
  • Weight         :  63.9 pounds
  • Capacity      :  18 bottle
Star Rating:


In the event that you are searching for a little space wine cooler, this wine cooler is an extraordinary decision. It is just 12-inches wide so it will fit in many tight spaces.

So it is incredible for homes large or little that need a littler size wine cooler. It presents a one touch single zone temp control, so you can set the temp precisely where you need it.

Which is significant when this 18 bottles 12 inch wine cooler comes to appropriate wine storage. This cooler offers low commotion and vibration too. So you won’t be upset by the activity of this cooler.

The silt won’t be upset by the vibration, which is additionally significant for extraordinary tasting wine. The plan of this cooler is present day and smooth. It is made of treated steel including the handle.

It likewise has a full glass front door, so you can without much of a stretch see the bottles of wine inside from outside of cooler. There is likewise lovely blue lighting including only that little piece of working light.

There are six racks inside and all the racks are made of tough sea shore wood. So as to keep your wine stock safe this offers twofold layered dim glass to shield from UV light and installed carbon fiber which secures against undesirable scents.

The estimations of this cooler are 22.4 inches X 11.6 inches X 33.9 inches. The weight comes in at 63 pounds, which is still at a weight that is flexibility if necessary to be moved.

Since it is a taller yet smaller unit, help is constantly prescribed when and whenever moved because of weight and shape. This cooler can hold up to a good 18 jugs of wine. Which makes it an extraordinary answer for those just expecting to store a littler measure of wine.


  • Fits in any Small Spaces
  • Easy to Change Temprature
  • Low Noise and Less Vibration
  • Attractive Compact Design


  • Not found

2. kalamera 24” wine refrigerator 175 Cans Capacity

kalamera 24'' wine refrigerator 175 Cans Capacity


  • Dimention   : 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
  • Weight         :  104.5 pounds
  • Capacity      :  175 cans
Star Rating:


On the off chance that you are searching for an incredible method to cool your collected wine, this is the ideal way.

This stainless steel kalamera 24” wine refrigerator will keep your soft drinks or other canned drinks at the ideal temperature.

It will fit in for all intents and purposes any room and plugs into a standard fitting. So it makes it an extraordinary refrigerator for some circumstances.

The front door is made of stainless steel and highlight a transparent glass sheet front with soft blue LED lighting to watch the inside stuff from outside.

This cooler will hold up to 175 beer cans, so you will have a lot of capacity for a lot of choice.

It additionally includes a temperature memory function to restore the temperature setting when power is switched off incidentally. This help your wine tasteful and prevent from going bad.

Its whisper quiet compressor cooling makes this kalamera 24″ beverage refrigerator too quiet and vibration free. It is perfect to store for steady temperature for long time.

This refreshment cooler arrives in an incredible size that anybody can appreciate. The estimations of this cooler are 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches. The weight is on the heavier side, tipping the scales at 104.5 pounds.

The five removable wire racks are included for easy fit any size bottles or cans. You can set as per your requirement.


  • Amazing sleek design
  • Advance compressor cooling
  • Temperature memory function
  • 5 Removable wire racks
  • Built in or freestanding installation


  • Unit get freezing 

3. Kalamera 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator

Kalamera 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 22.8 x 19.3 x 33 inches
  • Weight         :  82.7 pounds
  • Capacity      :  50 cans
Star Rating:


This kalamera wine refrigerator is an extraordinary medium size wine cooler with freestanding installation.

It holds up to 50 standard containers of wine on its 7 delightful beech wood racks. This is an eco-accommodating cooler since it is high effectiveness and doesn’t utilize any hurtful refrigerants either.

The external instance of the cooler is steel polished off in a dark completion. The cooler highlights a stainless steel surrounded glass entryway with a tempered steel handle.

The glass is double layered safety glass too. No stresses over vibration making some waves in light of the fact that there is no vibration.

This cooler highlights a soft blue LED light that is alright for your wines, permitting you to see your containers of wine while in the cooler. You will adore the touch control with LCD show.

This Kalamera wine refrigerator has a temperature range of 40 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can even decide to set it at the ideal basement temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

This kalamera wine refrigerator is quality made. So you won’t be baffled in this item it is incredible for both private and business. So get one or purchase a couple, the decision is absolutely up to you!

Your loved ones will most likely pay heed in such an extraordinary looking cooler. As we are certain you will cherish showing it too with your adored assortment.


  • Double layer glass
  • LCD temperature display
  • Removable beech racks
  • Quiet compressor cooling
  • Freestanding design


  • Not found

4. Kalamera Stainless Steel Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

Kalamera Stainless Steel Freestanding Wine Refrigerator reviews


  • Dimention   : 20 x 16.9 x 28.6 inches
  • Weight         :  44.8 pounds
  • Capacity      :  28 bottle
Star Rating:


This 28 bottle kalamera wine cooler keeps your wine bottles sorted out and at the correct temperature.

It is incredible on the grounds that it is likewise low commotion, so on the off chance that you have to keep it in a living space you won’t be irritated with its activity.

It additionally is a low vibration cooler, so it won’t work up the substance of your bottles.

That way you can be certain when you choose to open one the residue will remain where it should be. Shielding your wine from tasting severe because of work up.

This cooler likewise has an advanced temperature setting, so you can be certain the temperature stays where you need it to be. Temperature range of this kalamera wine cooler is 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

This kalamera wine cooler is made of excellent stainless steel, which is an incredible decision and ordinarily the most well-known decision for a cooler. It has that perfect direct look that many invite today.

It has a glass front door, so you can watch your assortment whenever you need without opening.

This cooler highlights 6 wonderful beech wood racks in the inside. They support each bottles of wine with care.

The general estimations of this wine cooler are 20 inches X 16.9 inches X 28.6 inches. So it is a cooler that isn’t too huge or too little and still light enough to have the option to be moved if necessary to.


  • Sleek design
  • 28-bottle capacity
  • Low vibration
  • Digital temperature control
  • Soft blue led light
  • 6 beech wood shelves


  • Poor temperature performance

5. Kalamera 30 Bottles 15” Wine Cooler Review

Kalamera 30 Bottles 15'' Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 22.4 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches
  • Weight         :  72.8 pounds
  • Capacity      :  30 bottle
Star Rating:


Searching for a kalamera wine cooler that can somewhat more than only a couple of containers of wine? This wine cooler is by a wide margin the greatest, yet it isn’t the littlest either.

It will hold up to 30 standard size bottles of wine and has 5 removable racks made of metal and they are removable in those cases you might want to include bigger bottles of wine.

This will consistently keep your wine at the ideal temperature with the computerized touch controls. You have a temperature control range of 40F-66F. So you have control which is best for your wine.

Because of its littler size it is an extraordinary size that will make it ideal for some spots. It will be anything but easy to fit at any place as it is built in or freestanding installation.

It is dark in shading and has a twofold sheet glass front door, so you can simple view what you have. For that additional plan include it likewise accompanies a blue LED light to illuminate within easily, without causing issues or squandering energy.

There is no vibration to upset your bottles dregs. So you will have a wine at an ideal temperature and flavor without fail.

This is an incredible decision for both private use and business utilize the same. Since it is murmur calm you won’t be upset by an enormous uproarious working compressor cooling.


  • Temperature memory function
  • Smart digital control
  • Double-layered tempered glass door
  • Built in or freestanding installation
  • Safety lock


  • Not found

6. Kalamera 157 Bottle Wine Fridge Reviews

Kalamera Wine Fridge Reviews


  • Dimention   : 26.8 x 23.4 x 69.6 inches
  • Weight         :  222 pounds
  • Capacity      :  157 bottle
Star Rating:


This Kalamera wine fridge is perfect for business premises yet in addition perfect to use at home on the off chance that you have an enormous assortment of wine, this wine cooler stands apart with its 157-bottle limit.

This freestanding unit is isolated into two temperature zones and it can likewise be incorporated with or under a cabinet.

Kalamera 157-bottle flaunts a rich plan with a dark completion all through and a hardened steel triple-layered safety glass entryway that shields the wine from temperature changes and hurtful UV beams.

The inside is improved by a delicate blue LED light that features the containers while the beech wood racks include complexity.

The upper zone is devoted to the white wines and has a temperature extend from 40 to 50°F.

Red wines ought to be put away in the lower zone which has a temperature extend somewhere in the range of 50 and 66°F.

To keep your wines in the best conditions, the cooler likewise has a temperature memory which re-establishes the cooler back to the set temperature if the power is off.


  • Low noise and vibration free
  • Large storage capacity
  • Dual zone thermostat
  • Elegant design


  • Not suitable for small wine collection

Why Choose Kalamera Wine Cooler?

There are many wine cooler available in market! So why pick Kalamera?

This brand accompanies two extraordinary preferences – serious costs and different establishment alternatives.

But wait, just not only this. There are numerous different reasons why they may be directly for you.

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Budget plan Friendly

The principle preferred position of this maker is its serious value strategy. The brand makes a wide range of wine coolers with limits from 18 to 175 containers; these wine coolers are perfect for either private or business use.

They gloat extraordinary attributes and cost not exactly the comparable models accessible available.

Other than these medium-size and enormous units, they likewise creates a small range of wine coolers with limits under 30 bottles storage, which additionally come at serious costs.

Adaptable Installation

Majority kalamera wine coolers are worked as freestanding units with worked in abilities.

As of small size, you’ll have the option to introduce these unit built in. As freestanding unit, one can place the wine refrigerator at any place.

Because of a smooth entryway trim, worked in units incorporate flawlessly with your kitchen stylistic theme, adding a refined touch to the furnishings.

Similar units additionally supplement a little wine business, giving an expert look to the earth.

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Advanced Cooling Technology

Kalamera brand additionally stands apart because of the latest advanced compressor innovation utilized on all machines.

The compressor conveys an exceptional refrigerating limit, keeping the wine bottles at a steady temperature.

As compared to the other compressor cooler, the Kalamera wine cooler have an extremely low degree of vibrations, like thermoelectric unit.  

At the end of the day, a Kalamera wine refrigerator gives remarkable refrigerating abilities without upsetting the wine silt.

Security Lock

Seaching a wine refrigerator with a safety lock is regularly an issue, however luckily, kalamera wine units accompany one.

This is especially helpful in the event that you need to forestall access to the significant wines, to get your children far from the liquor or to confine client or representative access.

We like that the producer utilized standard key locks which don’t expect you to recollect an entrance code.

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Smooth Digital Control

Another element that separates kalamera wine fridge is the brilliant advanced control. All kalamera units are furnished with a digital control and smooth touch that permits you to set the temperature.

A temperature memory function retains your setting and re-establishes the temperature if there should be an occurrence of lost power.

Factors to Consider When Choose a Kalamera Wine Cooler

Purchasing a kalamera wine refrigerator can be a befuddling prospect. Here are a couple of interesting points before settling on a choice.

Storage Capacity

As referenced above, most Kalamera wine fridges accompany limits of 30 containers or more.

In case you’re searching for wine cooler to store a little assortment of wines, the producer proposes a small cooler with 18 bottle storage capacity.

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As we would see it, a 30-bottle unit is perfect for the individuals who quit fooling around about developing their own assortment, as such a unit will give you a lot of room to develop into.

Temperature Zones

Kalamera produces both single-zone and double zone wine coolers. Picking one over the other involves inclination yet in addition of necessities.

On the off chance that you need to just store your wines, a solitary zone unit is perfect. It can store your both red and white wines at perfect temparature.

A double zone unit is perfect on the off chance that you need to store yet additionally cool the wine bottles. You’ll have the option to set various temperatures for various wines, which is extraordinary on the off chance that you need to arrange a wine party or on the off chance that you own a tasting room.

Structure of Cooler

Something else to consider is the design. The vast majority of these coolers accompany adaptable establishment choices and can be utilized as built in or freestanding units. Another flexible thing with respect to the plan is the reversible entryway.

Notwithstanding your decision, all units are outfitted with a delicate blue inside light and safety glass entryways, two components that upgrade the tastefulness of the plan.


Since all Kalamera wine coolers accompany pretty much similar highlights, it’s difficult to choose which one is the best. At last, it descends to your very own needs.

We recommended Kalamera 30 bottle Wine Refrigerator.

As this unit has the right storage limit with regards to a wine cooler to use at home or office premises.

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The unit may have just a single temperature zone, however this is sufficient for putting away and safeguarding all wines.

A smooth structure all through and establishment flexibility are two other positive notes. The thing that need to improve is the quality of the racks, other than that, this Kalamera wine cooler reviews is to consider.

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