Best 12 Bottle Wine Cooler to Look in 2022

Best 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re simply an easygoing wine consumer, a regarded gatherer, or a fanatic enthusiast – a 12 bottle wine cooler is intended for pretty much everybody wine enthusiast as a primary concern.

Notwithstanding where you sit on the range of wine darlings, having a decent cooler goes far in guaranteeing that your wine goes on for as far as might be feasible and tastes as best as it can.

Attempting to store your wine bottles without an appropriate cooler is a catastrophe waiting to happen that can prompt deterioration and will certainly be a cash sink.

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Presently one confusion usually spread and held among many is that wine coolers are both costly and clumsy. This couldn’t possibly be more off-base.

They are gigantically reasonable and arrived in an assortment of shapes and sizes that will oblige pretty much any family.

Along these lines, in case you’re on the lookout for a best 12 bottle wine cooler, read on underneath to check our interpretation of the most sultry alternatives out there.

Best 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews

NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Integrated LED light
  • Digital display panel
Review Rating:

The first one on our rundown is the Nutrichef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler refrigerator.

This Nutrichef 12 bottle wine cooler is ideal for cooling your white or red wines and highlights accuracy innovation to get the jugs at simply the ideal temperature ideal for drinking.  

It has a smaller plan and would glance incredible in any kitchen, eating, or parlor!

The Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler permits long haul stockpiling of wine bottles utilizing its high level thermoelectric cooling innovation which gets the wine to a fresh and new consistency. You can hope to have a heavenly wine to drink after it’s chilled in this cooler.

You can handle the specific temperature in the cooler by utilizing the natural computerized menu. It highlights contact button show that allows you to flip among Celsius and Fahrenheit.

You can undoubtedly observe the wine bottles that you are chilling through the straightforward front glass of the cooler.

This glass entryway has an impenetrable seal alongside the course fan and ventilation flame broil to keep the wines new consistently.

The Nutrichef has an advanced look and looks running in cleaned chrome finish so it would extraordinary in your kitchen or living region.

Something else to like about the Nutrichef is that you won’t hear any commotion whatsoever. Other less expensive models may do something very similar yet you will see a slight commotion that could be diverting.


  • Digital controls are user-friendly
  • Allows vertical and horizontal shelving
  • Easily fit into tight spaces
  • Quiet execution


  • Humidity control not present

Koolatron WC12-35D 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Koolatron WC12-35D 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


  • Digital touch screen control
  • Soft interior lighting
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Double tempered glass door
Review Rating:

In case you’re searching for something tastefully satisfying to the eye yet adequately adaptable to coordinate any rooms inside style, Koolaton’s 12 bottle wine cellar is ideal for you.

This luxurious Koolatron wine cooler stores up to 12 wine bottles and keep your wine at a reliable temperature to safeguard the ideal taste and smell.

With its twofold treated glass entryway, you can view and store your bottles much under daylight and not need to stress over both warmth and UV beams from bringing about any deterioration.

You’ll likewise locate a very gorgeous plan within gratitude to its lighting framework and wooden racks that draws out the best in any jug’s visual allure.

Its cooling framework is awesome as well – being both close to quiet and vibration free – and with its temperature range spreading over from 46 F to 66 F, you shouldn’t have no issue putting away reds, whites, or whatever else besides like lager and soda pops.

The five premium beechwood sliding shelves are helps in accommodate larger bottles easily.

The advanced temperature controls permit you to set the ideal cooling level for your wines. For best execution, leave a 5″clearance around the top, sides and back of any freestanding wine cooler.


  • Mirror glass door
  • Beachwood shelves
  • Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Compact and convenient


  • Product may damage on arrival

Ivation 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cellar

Ivation 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cellar


  • Both Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature settings
  • Temperature range of 50º to 64ºF
  • CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation
Review Rating:

This Ivation 12 bottle wine cooler won’t just chill yet additionally ensure the quality of wine and taste. You can utilize it for present moment or long haul storage and the wine will age at a predictable level.

It includes a steady temperature and offers somewhat more control features with regards to temperature settings.

The steady temperature of this cooler allows to safeguard the quality and rich kind of your wines for long time.

It has a high level cooling framework which guarantees that your wine bottles are presented to the right climate. The temperature is set to a steady scope of 55 degrees Fahrenheit so you get the genuine taste of your wine without limit.

Anyone can likewise change the temperature as per individual requirements. This will permit you to store your preserved wine bottles as much as long.

The steady temperature climate allows you to establish the ideal atmosphere that is best for the wines’ maturing cycle.

Ivation wine chiller offers moistness control features which is missing in most wine coolers. Within is protected with strong polyurethane froth and shut with Thermopane entryways.

The Ivation cooler is planned with soft lighting which is proposed to prevent from destructive UV beams that could influence the atoms that are answerable for making uncommon tastes in certain wines.

This Ivation 12 bottle wine cooler is build with thermoelectric cooling to reduce the vibrations that you may insight with different models. It’s calm and has an energy proficient thermoelectric cooling framework to save you on energy bills.


  • Featured with humidity control
  • Temperature range from 50º – 64ºF
  • Quiet and fewer vibrations


  • Not Found

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Compact Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Compact Wine Cooler


  • Energy efficient cooling
  • Chrome wire shelves
  • Long-lasting quality
Review Rating:

This 12 bottle wine cooler is effectively fit for any space. It is ideal for the individuals who aren’t too complained about getting a glass entryway, the Wine Enthusiast Cooler will be incredible for you.

Its metal racks within are additionally amazingly tough and will hold any wine bottles safely and with its successful yet energy productive cooling framework, your containers will be brought out to their most ideal states.

It’s not large at generally very, apportioning at 19 x 14 x 20 inches, so even in the more monetarily estimated of rooms, this cooler ought to have no issue fitting anyplace.

Utilizing it is very simple too because of its computerized touchscreen interface and should you run into any extreme issues, note that it’s completely supported with 1 year of guarantee too.

This wine cooler operates quietly and efficiently, making more steady temperatures for a long time.

The temperature control is easy to use and monitor the current temperature clearly on the digital LED screen.

One of the king looks of this 12 bottle wine chiller is to add amazing value to the room’s décor.


  • Sleek and easy to fit
  • Easy to use touch screen control
  • Efficient cooling system


  • No glass door

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler


  • Thermoelectric Cooling System
  • Curved Glass Door
  • Auto Defrost System
  • Compact and Lightweight
Review Rating:

This Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is an ideal freestanding and countertop cooler as compared to other coolers in this range.

It includes a thermoelectric cooling framework and a one of a kind bent glass entryway that makes it look exceptionally appealing.

Quite possibly the most remarkable highlights of the Avanti 12 Bottle wine cooler is its imaginative plan which permits you to put your wine bottles in a vertical or standing position.

That implies you can hide away from 4 open wine bottles. You can put away 8 jugs on a level plane. You can’t do this in many models.

Presently you don’t need to stress over putting away your open containers in the refrigerator in light of the fact that the wine cooler can oblige them and keep them at the ideal temperature, prepared for you and your visitors to drink whenever.

Its cooling framework makes the wines at the ideal temperature so the quality and consistency of wines are held.

The cooler has a touch control board on the entryway which allows you to see the set temperature and change the settings. You can set up your custom temperature and see it shows in the LED show, change from Celsius or Fahrenheit, and furthermore change the lighting.

One of the interesting plan highlights of the Avanti wine chiller is the bent glass entryway that makes it look exceptionally appealing.

It looks current and sleek in the exemplary dark with platinum completed accents so it’s exceptionally simple to combine it with any home stylistic theme.

It’s likewise conservative and lightweight so you don’t need to stress over dispensing a great deal of room in your kitchen or eating territory.


  • Auto shut off of the light
  • Modern design
  • Ideal for open bottles


  • Difficult to understand settings

Koolatron Urban Series 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cellar

Koolatron Urban Series 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cellar


  • UV protected door
  • Luxurious look
  • Thermoelectric cooling
Review Rating:

On the off chance that you are looking for a reduced and dependable wine chiller, the Koolatron WC12 checks all the privilege boxes.

This countertop wine cooler will sit serenely on a kitchen surface, with its attentive measurements meaning you needn’t bother with that a lot counter space.

This chiller will handily oblige twelve standard containers, despite the fact that you have the alternative of eliminating the inside racks should you wish to make more space for bigger jugs.
Koolatron 12 bottle wine cooler additionally furnishes you with a decent temperature range. The indoor regulator can be changed from 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

This reach is ideal for a wide range of red wine and most of white wines, despite the fact that those hoping to store shining assortments may discover this Koolatron model to some degree restricting.

Thermoelectric cooling innovation makes this an especially dependable alternative, with temperatures staying steady and reliable consistently.

The indoor regulator is effectively changed through the easy to use control board, with the profoundly obvious LCD show telling you exact readings at some random time.

Inner delicate lighting is likewise included as standard, with straightforward on/off activity permitting you to show your assortment with a little artfulness.


  • Double-tempered glass door
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Removable contoured wire shelves


  • Not clear view through glass door

Schmecke 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Schmecke 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Soft Interior Lighting
  • Temperature Stability
  • Removable wire Racks
Review Rating:

This Schmecke 12 Bottle wine cooler following best thing to having a genuine wine basement in your own home.

It secure and safeguard the flavor and smell the vintners proposed for your assortment by keeping hurtful UV beams out and keeping an ideal climate for your wines to age with beauty.

The high level compressor cooling framework conveys the ideal climate for those exceptional vintages, protecting their novel flavor and delicacy.

This wine cooler holds 12 standard 750ml wine containers easily. The vibration free operation of cooler won’t upset sediments.

The Schmecke has ideal wine chiller with movable temperature range of 41º Fahrenheit to 64º Fahrenheit.  You can also select Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature settings as per your convenience.

This wine coolers’ compressor innovation guarantees temperature isn’t influenced by outside warmth sources, and arrives at temperatures adequately low to house shining white wines.

The wire shelves of this cooler is accommodate different size bottles easily and are removable for big size bottles.

Schmecke wine coolers highlight an exceptional fan framework that works quietly while as yet circling air equally all through the cooler. This guarantees that the temperature is uniform all through the unit.

This cooler additionally provide safety lock to secure your wine collection from unauthorised access.


  • Efficient cooling system
  • Vibration-free execution
  • Adjustable temperature range of 41º – 64ºF


  • Not found

Nutrichef PKCWC120 White & Red 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Nutrichef PKCWC120 White & Red 12 Bottle Wine Cooler


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Sleek and modern design
Review Rating:

This Nutrichef PKCWC120 wine cooler unit is ideal for cooling and store 12 bottles of red or white wine.

It is furnished with an exact advanced compressor cooling innovation, flexible temperature control, incorporated LED lights and implicit dissemination fan and ventilation placement.

With its double pane glass entryway with impenetrable seal, this 12 bottle wine drink fridge gives you a smaller and modern day look which is ideal for your living room, dining room or kitchen. It has an freestanding and countertop deign for putting it on the floor or table.

One can control the specific temperature of your wine bureau for short and long time in a reliable steady temp climate with a customizable computerized contact button show.

This wine cooler supports temperature range of 41 degree Fahrenheit to 64 degree Fahrenheit.

It is outfitted with a advanced level cooling system that will keep your wine at the ideal temperature without making a commotion.

These racks are anything but easy to slide out and are sufficiently able to hold your number one wine bottles. And additionally delicate enough to secure your wine names without being damaged.

The internal air circulation fan ensures equal and efficient cooling throw-out the cooler cabinet and maintain bottles chilled for long time.


  • Compact & decorative design
  • Built-in circulation fan
  • Child safety auto-lock function


  • Not found

How To Choose The Best 12 Bottle Wine Cooler?

The 12 bottle wine cooler is the undeniable decision for those hoping to store their number one reds and whites in a little kitchen. These minimized coolers occupy little room and require insignificant energy, yet at the same time give ideal temperature conditions to your putting away your wine.

The minimized idea of these coolers additionally makes a decent choice for considers, lounge areas and other little spaces. You additionally don’t have to bargain with regards to top notch highlights with these more modest wine stockpiling arrangements.

You must consider some of the features that influence the wine coolers. Here are some of the factors that you might consider while choosing the best 12 bottle wine cooler.

Compact and flexible 

A 12 bottle wine cooler is regularly seen as the ideal passage to wine refrigerator apparatuses. Albeit little and minimal, a 12-bottle limit gives you a very sizable amount of adaptability with regards to developing a good assortment.

These limited scale wine cellars are ideal for those with little kitchens and less free surface territory, while the best wine cooler models available offer a scope of establishment choices.

By far most of 12 container wine coolers are proposed for use on counters and different surfaces. They are normally little enough that they can be tucked under overhead cupboards effortlessly.

Their circumspect size likewise implies they can be set in any ideal area, making them a decent alternative for use in investigations and putting on sideboards in lounge areas.

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Storage capacity

As the name proposes, a 12 bottle wine cooler is intended to store twelve standard size wine bottles. In any case, you are not carefully restricted by this limit. Removable racking makes rearranging the inside of your cooler simple.

In spite of the fact that you ought not plan to expand capacity limit, you can eliminate racks to enhance storage limit. On the off chance that you are hoping to chill bigger wine bottles, taking out a rack or two will permit you to do as such.

Noise and vibration

Continuously pick an energy-effective decision when looking for wine cooler. Not exclusively will this guarantee ideal execution and negligible energy utilization, it will mean you have less undesirable clamor to battle with.

Insignificant vibration is likewise alluring as this will cause much more undesirable commotion and upset the tannins in your put away wine.

Temperature range

You will assuredly be restricted to a solitary cooling zone with a 12 bottle wine cooler. By and large, the most smaller wine refrigerators available offer an indoor regulator scope of somewhere in the range of 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with a little provide in one or the other guidance.

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With this sort of indoor regulator range, you have ideal conditions for putting away a decent choice of red wines and white wines. Shining wine is best kept at cooler temperatures, notwithstanding, so keep away from the enticement of squandering important extra room on shimmering assortments.

Other features

An easy to use indoor regulator is an absolute necessity for any wine cooler. A straightforward control board with a reasonable LCD show is all you require to keep up alluring conditions for putting away your wine.

Auto-lock and memory usefulness is something to pay special mind to as this will guarantee your favored temperatures are reliably kept up in any consequence.

Search for models with the controls situated outwardly of the cooler entryway itself. This will guarantee you upset the inward states of your cooler as meager as could be expected under the circumstances.

A manual lock may be a thought for occupied family units with little youngsters, keeping them from accessing cooler substance. Numerous 12 bottle wine coolers incorporate a show lock and key element as standard.

The most essential wine coolers available won’t generally incorporate coordinated lighting as a staple component, yet attempt to decide on a model that incorporates it if your financial plan permits.

Driven lighting is less significant from a down to earth perspective with 12 container coolers, however the in vogue pizazz it brings to your apparatus will establish a connection.

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