Best Haier Wine Cooler Reviews of 2024

Are you eagerly searching for the wine cooler that suits you to store your wine assortments?

Than the Best Selling Haier wine coolers is here to fulfill every one of your necessities.

Wine coolers come in various capacity limits which can be effectively fit in any side of the room. Truly, different sorts of wine ought to be put away at discrete temperatures to monitor the consistency of the wine.

Best Haier Wine Coolers Reviews

Why Haier Wine Coolers?

Haier is the second ranked biggest home appliances manufacturing brand on the planet which was started in 1984 in Qingdao, China.

Haier has its own 5 research and development centres, 24 modern industrial plants, 66 subsidiary organizations and 143330 endpoint sales outlets.

Haier is one of the best world-class organization that operates wordwide. The organization produces imaginative items to fulfill the client needs.

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Haier gives a wide scope of machines, including wine coolers, which are all around intended for contemporary living in littler spaces, for example, lofts.

Haier wine coolers incorporate both thermoelectric and blower – based models, and, in both single zone and double zone models.

In this article we reviewed the best haier wine coolers that suits your need.

Best Haier Wine Coolers Reviews

1. Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Haier 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 20.3 x 17.9 x 9.9 inches
  • Weight         :  20.9 pounds
  • Capacity      :  8 bottles
Star Rating:

This eight-bottle storage wine cooler is perfect for keeping a littler arrangement of red or white wines at an ideal temperature.

While a thermoelectric cooling framework gives a commotion free and vibration less execution all through. The smaller plan makes this model incredible for ledge use.

This specific Haier 8 bottle wine cooler is the ideal decision for people who want to store small wine collections or the small family.

This 8-bottle wine cooler can be an incredible extra as a room stylistic layout for rooms, office space, or smaller than expected storm cellar bar settlements.

The temperature ranges of this Haier wine cooler goes from 46 to 66-degrees F for putting away both red wine and white wines.

Alongside the various highlights, this Freestanding Haier wine cooler has likewise outfitted with four chrome shading tempered steel racks for simple and helpful storage of wines.

The delicate LED light inside the cabinet is additionally fitted for giving better visibility of wine bottles at night from far away.


  • Quieter and vibration less
  • Low power consumption
  • Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Perfect for red or white wines
  • Digital thermostat control


  • Single zone
  • Small capacity

2. Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 20.3 x 26 x 9.9 inches
  • Weight         :  31.3 pounds
  • Capacity      :  12 bottles
Star Rating:

This Haier double zone wine cooler is a perfect decision for somebody who want to store their small wine collection of both red and white wine at their ideal temperature.

Due to its little and minimized compact structure, this Haier 12-bottle Wine cooler can be put in any spots like in the kitchen or room, office space, down bar set up and some other places.

Alongside the incredible look and dual zone cooling, this 12 Bottle Haier wine cooler additionally furnished with the thermoelectric cooling innovation.

Not at all like compressor cooling, this cooler makes less clamour and basically no vibration while working.

This Haier dual zone wine cooler allows you to store both Red and white Wines in separate zones with its independent LED show temperature control.

The upper zone has the temperature ranges from 54 to 66 degrees F, which is ideal for storing red wines while the lower zone has temperature ranges from 46 to 66 degrees F, ideal for storing white wines.

Both the compartments likewise furnished with six chrome finished racks, three of which are removable racks.


  • Ultra quiet thermal electric cooling
  • Curved door with smoked glass
  • Dual touch screen controls
  • 6 chrome finish storage racks


  • Shelves removable, not adjustable

3. Haier 40 Bottle Dual-Zone Free Standing Wine Cooler Review

Haier 40 Bottle Dual-Zone Free Standing Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 24 x 19.9 x 38.9 inches
  • Weight         :  105.8 pounds
  • Capacity      :  40 bottles
Star Rating:

This fully black 40-Bottle Storage Capacity Dual Zone Wine Cooler with agreeable smooth door handle gives the ideal answer for storing both red and white wine at perfect temperatures in a similar unit.

It has two independent wine storage zones with its own adjustable electronic temperature controls with led temperature displays and programmed settings for red or white wines.

The double pane front glass door further protects your wine assortment from the UV impacts and the outside warm condition.

Its five full-profundity chrome wire storage racks and 2 half-profundity racks can put away to 40 wine bottles easily.

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This unit works very quietly and gives a vibration-safe condition to wines for better long life.

This Haier wine cooler has additional dedicated three temperature range setting for colder, normal and warmth.

Like other Haier wine cooler this cooler also equipped with efficient and powerful thermoelectric cooling system.

This is the ideal wine cooler for the commercial use as it has most of the all features with 40 bottle storage capacity.


  • 3 temperature setting range
  • 5 chrome storage racks
  • Double pane tinted glass
  • Adjustable electronic temperature control


  • Not found

4. Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Cooler

Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Cooler


  • Dimention   : 21.25 x 20.5 x 31.4 inches
  • Weight         :  72.5 pounds
  • Capacity      :  150 Cans 
Star Rating:

If you are looking for a high-capacity Haier beverage cooler then this cooler is the best one for you. This beverage cooler has 150 can storage capacity. 

This is not just only simple beverage cooler, this Haier beverage cooler can store wine bottles also with all other features that you might look for in other coolers.

The reversible glass doors with recessed handles make this cooler look modern. You can set the door on any side you want.

Inside soft blue light inside the cabinet looks pretty at night. Remember there is not any white light inside.

Four full-size adjustable and removable vinyl coated shelves hold both wine bottles and beverage cans.

Other additional features like automatic defrost and adjustable thermostat makes this beverage cooler unique from others. The Lock and key features make your beverage collection safe from kids or theft. 


  • 4 adjustable vinyl-coated shelves
  • Reversible glass door
  • Automatic defrost


  • Not found

Haier Wine Coolers Comprehensive Guide

When you’re exploring a wine refrigerator, there are a lot of choices that should be made: Built-in or freestanding, little or enormous, compressor or thermoelectric, removable racks or sliding racks? 

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to begin putting away or gathering wine, Haier is unquestionably a brand to consider. 

Haier wine fridges available in different sizes and capacity and in both single and dual zone models. 

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This is intended to give you a decent beginning stage when contemplating your requirements, financial plan, and what you need your cooler to resemble. 

We’ve suggested upper mentioned excellent Haier wine coolers and have made a convenient “initially” graph exploring the significant highlights individuals search for in wine refrigerator. 

In case you’re new to wine coolers, the primary thing you’ll need to realize is what the principle highlights are and which of these are generally significant for your wine putting away needs. From bottle ability to the kinds of racking, let us demystify each one of those in more detail.

Storage Capacity 

The one factor to consider is the number of wine bottles you want to store in wine cooler. On the off chance that you plan to store less number of wine bottle than you go for the little size wine cooler that has 8 to 18 bottle capacity. 

Otherwise go for the higher capacity wine cooler if you want for your bar of garage.

Cooling System

The main thing to focus on wine cooler is the cooling framework. There are two types of cooling system used in wine cooler. Thermoelectric cooling system and compressor-based cooling system.

There is a major difference among the thermoelectric and compressor-based cooling in wine cooler. Thermoelectric coolers are calmer and utilize less vitality than compressor based coolers yet can’t cool to as low a temperature.

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Single or Dual Zone Cooling 

Haier wine coolers are available in single and dual-zone models. Single zone wine coolers cool the whole cooling cabinet to a similar temperature.

While dual zone wine refrigerators either have a couple of entryways and two regions for cooling – this permits you to store white and red wine or to utilize the colder zone for juice, pop, alcohol, and blenders. 

UV Protect Glass Doors 

Most wine fridges have glass doors, permitting you to see what number of wine bottles you have inside. Some allow you to see the marks of jugs standing or lying level corresponding to the entryway. UV blocking glass keeps wine and bottles more secure. 

The lighter the wine, the more delicate it is to light and warmth, so that is a superb element for the individuals who keep a great deal of Pinot Noir or white wine storage. 

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Advantages of Haier Wine Coolers

  • Advanced Cooling
  • Quality Product 
  • More Choices

Disadvantages of Haier Wine Coolers

  • Client assistance is a Mystery
  • Terrible Units
  • Higher Capacity Units Have Problems


To the exclusion of everything else, Haier wine coolers in their numerous assortments are consistently extraordinary for starter wine devotees who try to jump into directly into their adoration for wine and become their prospering assortment. 

In the event that there’s one significant pointer to detract from our Haier wine coolers reviews, it’s that keeping your wines chilled for prepared openness and in any event, putting away some of them for your developing assortment doesn’t need to cost a lot.

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