Top 5 Best Allavino Wine Cooler Reviews in 2020

Allavino Wine Coolers are considerable for their durability and reliable quality. In case you’re searching for a durable and enormous wine cooler which can store any type of bottles in it, at that point Allavino Wine Coolers may be the one for you. Here we show rundown of best Allavino wine cooler reviews for you.

The size of Allavino Wine Coolers is generally much larger than your standard double zone cooling wine cooler. The explanation for this is straightforward this isn’t your standard double cooling wine cooler. Most of the Allavino Wine Coolers used in bars or wine shops.

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Allavino is a Maker of top-notch wine storage units and serving items. Their organization slogan is “Premium Wine Storage Solutions“. Allavino wine cooler uses both compressor and thermoelectric wine cooling system.

Why Allavino Wine Cooler?

  1. Allavino has modern shelving design for fit any size of wine bottle without decreasing overall capacity of wine cooler.
  2. It uses advance energy efficient cooling system
  3. Allavino Coolers are best for commercial use and large capacity home use.
  4. Allavino has many wine cooler series for different use and different capacity range.
      • Allavino FlexCount Series
      • Allavino Vite Series
      • Allavino Cascina series

Top Picked Allavino Wine Coolers

Allavino VSWR30-2SSRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino VSWR30-2SSRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino YHWR99-2SRN 99 bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino YHWR99-2SRN 99 bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Best Allavino Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Allavino VSWR36-2SSFN Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Allavino VSWR36-2BWFN Dual Zone Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 23.25 x 23.5 x 32.75 inches
  • Weight         :   141 pounds
  • Capacity      :   36 bottle
Star Rating:


This Allavino Dual-Zone Wine Cooler fridge is a perfect choice for putting away both red and white wine all the while. It highlights two stainless steel French entryways that open up to uncover two unmistakable, exclusively controlled temperature zones.

The inside both zones can be set low enough for white and shimmering wine or sufficiently high for long haul stockpiling of your preferred red wines. One can set both zone at same temperature to store any one kind of wine.

Its modern style shelves developed of strong metal to give dependability and keep safe from hanging after some time, yet they are sufficiently slim to permit more space between the racks than you will discover in most other wine coolers.

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Every inside rack incorporates an appealing stainless-steel front to coordinate the door shading and exquisite wood supports that adequately support your containers and help to safe from vibration.

With its total 36 standard size bottle capacity, each zone is capable of store 18 bottles with preferred constant temperature. Its undercounter design permits us to place unit in cabinetry for perfect look that will add usefulness and style of your kitchen.

Each zone of this wine cooler has separate digital display with simple to-utilize press button controls to make preferred setting and watch the current temperature setting. They can be set sufficiently high for red wine or low enough for white wine.

It uses new modern cooling framework that is 25% more energy proficient and conveys incredible cooling while at the same time minimizing commotion and vibration. Inside fans allows to flow air all through the wine cabinet to fast cooling.


  • 36 bottle capacity
  • Dual zone digital temperature control
  • Innovative racking design
  • Powerful cooling technology
  • Built-in versatility


  • Little Noisier after some time

2. Allavino YHWR99-2SRN 99 bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino YHWR99-2SRN 99 bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Dimention   :23.5 x 23.5 x 64.5 inches
  • Weight         :   167 pounds
  • Capacity      :   99 bottle
Star Rating:


This Alllavino wine cooler has a huge limit of 99-bottles, appropriate for either business use or large home use. The stainless steel front door frame has the advanced appearance of the present shinny-metal unit.

It has additional thick and solid inside wooden racks that add elements to its unique design. Every one of these strong racks can bolster twofold lines of containers, on the off chance that you want. One can adjust these racks to store large size wine bottle.

The Allavino YHWR99-2SRN wine cooler included an UV-secured, argon filled, tinted glass door. It helps to protect UV lights and maximum insulated with clear viewing capability from outside.

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This unit additionally includes built in lock makes your precious wine secure with two keys for back up. A magnetic gasket included for a tight seal of door.

The dual zone of this wine cooler allows to store your white wine in the upper zone with 40° F -50°F temperature range, and red wine in the lower zone with temperature of 54°F -65°F. You can set both zones to store just white or reds.

Allavino Vite Series YHWR99-2SRN highlights a digital temperature control panel with press button controls that permits you to effectively modify the temperature in each zone exclusively.

The temperature showcase is noticeable through the transparent glass door. You can undoubtedly view the temperatures of the two zones without opening the door.

It has excellent inside Blue LED lightings that enlightening your stored wines perfectly. You can turn the inside light on/off by means of the control board.

This Allavino YHWR99-2BRN featured with temperature memory function. It allows you to restore the temperature setting when your unit power is off my any means.

The internal fan of cabinet circulates air all around the cabinet for fast cooling. These helpful inward fans are included in both upper and lower zones.


  • Easy rolling hardwood shelves
  • Tinted glass door with lock
  • Digital temperature display
  • Cool blue led interior lighting
  • Fan-forced cooling


  • Very Costly

3. Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN 172 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN 172 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Dimention   :27 x 23.5 x 71.5 inches
  • Weight         :   304 pounds
  • Capacity      :   172 bottle
Star Rating:

Store a really differing assortment of wine bottles easily in Allavino’s all-new VSWR172-2BWRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator.

This wine coolers include two particular temperature zones that can each be separately balanced utilizing an easy to understand computerized show with press button controls for storing each wine.

The wine racks permit you to handily oblige containers of every kind. These sturdy metal racks have a slim structure that amplifies your accessible extra space, so not at all like other wine fridges, you won’t need to radically lessen your container include by expelling racks.

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Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN wine cooler has 12 removable shelves that can hold up to 11 bottles each and 2 racks that can hold up to 20 containers each for a most extreme limit of 172 bottles.

This most extreme limit can be reached with a wide range of container measures and is possibly influenced while including bigger Pinot or Champagne bottles, making it the perfect wine stockpiling unit for wine darlings with huge and different assortments.

The upper zone can be set somewhere in the range of 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit foe white wine, while the lower zone can be set somewhere in the range of 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit for red wine.

The smooth dark cabinet with coordinating confined glass entryway and complex all-dark inside imitate the polish of a customary wine cabinet. This unit accompanies both a bended and towel bar handle, letting you alter it to best fit in with the encompassing stylistic theme.

This cooler inventive highlights like cool blue LED lighting, fan-constrained cooling, and another propelled cooling framework help make this unit a front-line wine stockpiling alternative.

It utilizes 25% less energy than mange other wine coolers available, and has calm and vibration free execution.


  • 172 bottle capacity
  • Innovative shelf design
  • Dual zone temperature control
  • Modern touch with traditional


  • Short expected life

4. Allavino VSWR30-2SSRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino VSWR30-2SSRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Dimention   :24 x 15 x 33.5 inches
  • Weight         :   109 pounds
  • Capacity      :   30 bottle
Star Rating:


The Allavino VSWR30-2SSRN Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator can store 30 of your preferred wine bottles in a 15″ wide cabinet that is ideal for supplanting old refuse compactors.

It’s wonderful stainless steel encircled glass entryway is tinted to keep hurtful light out while exhibiting your wine in style. The front venting configuration permits the unit to be worked in to cabinetry however the completed sides and top make this smaller wine cabinet alluring for freestanding situation too.

With it’s double zone usefulness, you are not constrained to just putting away red or white wine – presently, you can do both simultaneously! Each zone has it’s own computerized show with simple to utilize press button controls so setting and perusing the presentation is a no brainer!

The VSWR30-2SSRN flaunts extra-sturdy metal racks with wood braces and spotless fronts that effectively skim out on roller gatherings permitting you to rapidly get to your whole assortment.

Inner fans flow the air inside the unit, decreasing starting cool personal time by half and safe from radical variances in temperature that could be hurtful to your wine collection.

It highlighted with new 25% more energy proficient modern cooling framework to convey incredible cooling while extraordinarily lowering commotion and vibration.


  • Stainless steel door frame
  • Use as freestanding
  • Energy efficient
  • Capacity is extraordinary
  • Advance cooling technology


  • Not for larger capacity use

5. Allavino YHWR305-1BRT 305 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Allavino YHWR305-1BRT 305 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Dimention   :27.5 x 31.5 x 78.5 inches
  • Weight         :   77.8 pounds
  • Capacity      :   305 bottle
Star Rating:


If you are looking for big capacity Allavino wine cooler for your wine shop or big bar, at this time Allavino YHWR305-1BRT are perfect choice. As this wine cooler has capacity of 305 wine bottles.

With its high capacity of wine bottles, this wine cooler has all other features that other cooler has. It measures 27.5 x 31.5 x 78.5 inches in length and 77.8 pounds in weight.

This Allavino wine cooler highlights a digital temperature show with press button controls that make controlling your wine’s condition simpler than any time in recent memory.

It has a temperature scope of 41°F to 72°F, permitting you to set it sufficiently low to store white wine at serving temperature or sufficiently high for long haul stockpiling of red wine contingent upon the necessities of your assortment.

You can undoubtedly watch the splendid LED show through the glass without opening the entryway. The cool blue LED lighting wonderfully enlightens the inside, making finding the ideal container quick and simple.

The additional thick hardwood racks can bolster the heaviness of up to 28 ordinary size containers with standard separating, and the base rack can hold bigger magnum suppresses or to 25 standard jugs, for a most extreme limit of 305 bottles. The slider racks out on metal roller tracks that permit you to easy access of any inside wine bottles.

An inward fan circulates air in the unit for extra cooling, assisting with forestalling enormous contrasts in temperature between the upper and lower zones and lessening introductory chill off time by half. The air dissemination makes an frost free condition so you won’t need to stress over defrosting the cabinet.


  • Tinted Glass Door with Lock
  • Cool Blue LED Interior Lighting
  • Larger Capacity (305 Bottles)
  • Removable & Adjustable Shelving
  • Digital Temperature Controls


  • Not suitable for home use

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