10 Best Coldest Beer Fridge to Chill Your Wine

coldest beer fridge

Drinking a chilled wine is amazing experience and it can be possible with coldest beer fridge that can cool your beer at desired temperature.

Many people are using their standard kitchen refrigerator to cool beer, but that’s not the right way to cool. Standard refrigerator doesn’t have lower temperature which is ideal for beer cooling.

Hence the coldest beer fridge is required to store your beer and wine bottles at its required temperature to maintain its original taste.

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Coldest beer refrigerator is specifically built for wine and beer storage. The temperature range is designed especially for beer storage.

As you know there are many beer cooler available in market, but choosing a best is somehow difficult task for anyone.

So in this article we listed the best coldest beer fridge that suits your beer cooling need.

The below mentioned beer refrigerators are chosen by researching upon its features and customers reviews.

NewAir Coldest Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator


  • Dimentions: 18.9 x 18.4 x 32.4 inches
  • Weight: 62.8 pounds
  • Capacity: 126 Cans
Review Rating:

When attempting to keep your beverages prepared for utilization, a few people like to have them nearly at freezing. Colder is better, and they like to have their brew or soft drink somewhat chilly around the edges.

Tragically, however, numerous smaller than normal refrigerators don’t have an incredible enough colder to take care of beverages.

This model from NewAir, can get your beverages down to a nippy 34 degrees, making it one of the better choices out there. That being stated, however, remember that when you have the cooler at full limit, it will influence the unit’s capacity to hold that temperature.

Lamentably, that is a reality for every single smaller than usual fridge, so make certain to recall that when settling on your choice.

This coldest beer fridge is an ideal decision if you want to store large number of beer cans. It can convey up to 126 cans, making it one of the higher limit models out there.

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The best part is that it has five flexible racks, so it’s not hard at all to alter your capacity to fit any holder you like, regardless of whether it’s containers of lager or two-liters of pop.

One other component that we like about this refrigerator is that it’s overly tranquil. At only 35 decibels, you may contemplate whether it’s in any event, working since you can’t generally hear the compressor noise.

Likewise, it’s generally minimized size empowers you to put it anyplace, regardless of whether it’s in the family room or the garage.

One thing to note about this cooling beer fridge is that it has rear ventilation. All things considered, the maker suggests keeping the region above it clear to guarantee that it works appropriately.

On the off chance that you put it underneath a counter, for instance, it might exhaust the compressor and lead to hotter temperatures inside. After some time, the mileage may make the engine wear out rashly.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Cools down to 34 degrees F
  • Five removable racks
  • Quiet operation at 35 dB
  • Recessed handle for better appearance
  • Interior soft LED


  • No Door Lock

Danby 120 Can Stainless Steel Coldest Beer Fridge

Danby 120 Can Stainless Steel Coldest Beer Fridge


  • Dimentions: 19.75 x 17.87 x 33.69 inches
  • Weight: 68.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 120 Cans
Review Rating:

When you looking for the best coldest beer fridge, one of the principal things that you’ll need to choose is whether you need the front to be with glasses or not.

For certain individuals, having the option to perceive what’s inside can be useful, while others dislike the way that the glass can influence the refrigerators capacity to remain cold.

For this situation, we have a glass-entryway model, which is the thing that the greater part of the ones we will looking on this rundown are. Glass is standard in light of the fact that a large number of these fridges are worked to work for both home and business use.

In the event that you have one of these in your business, you need clients to have the option to perceive what’s inside so they can pick already.

This refrigerator is developed to hold to 120 cans with the goal that you won’t run out at any point in the near future.

Notwithstanding, recollect that that number depends on standard can sizes, so in the event that you need to store different drinks in your fridge, at that point you’ll need to design likewise.

Luckily, the three racks included with this unit are customizable, so you can make them as limited or as wide as you can imagine.

Along these lines, you can store the entirety of your cans or bigger bottles standing, instead of putting them on their side. You can fit more thusly, guaranteeing that you get most extreme extra room with this cooler.

In the event that you live with kids in the house, at that point don’t stress over keeping brew and different spirits inside arm’s range.

This specific model accompanies a locking instrument on the entryway so you can guarantee that your little ones don’t inadvertently get something that shouldn’t.

Generally speaking, with regards to the best beer refrigerator, it has an average temperature run 43-57 degrees, and it’s made of strong materials like stainless steel.


  • Temperature range of 43-57 degrees
  • Three shelves for easy customization
  • Internal light for better visibility
  • Integrated lock for security
  • Energy efficient design
  • Reversible door hinges


  • Not found

Phiestina 106 Can Compressor Cooling Beverage Cooler

Phiestina 106 Can Compressor Cooling Beverage Cooler


  • Dimentions: 22.48 x 15.55 x 33.07 inches
  • Weight: 72.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 106 Cans
Review Rating:

Despite the fact that this coldest beer drink cooler from Phiestina isn’t as extensive as different models we’ve seen, you may welcome the smaller plan.

This permits you to put it any place you like, because of the way that it won’t be too massive or hefty contrasted with different coolers.

One thing which make this beer fridge best is quiet operation. While different models might be moderately uproarious when packing and cooling the air inside, you’ll keep thinking about whether this cooler is connected and working since it won’t sound like it.

The best part about this beer fridge is that it’s an energy efficient model, so your power bills won’t go up either.

In general, this is a straightforward and compelling refreshment cooler. We like the blue LED inside lights, just as the advanced indoor regulator controls.

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It has a temperature cooling range of 38-50 degree so you can make certain to keep your beverages cold consistently.

The inbuilt air circulation system in this refrigerator cools every cans of beer equally.

Outside stainless steel framework of door is looks amazing and it adds premium standard to your home theme.

Beer fridge has six removable wire shelves to customize the storage capacity as per your requirement.

Inside soft blue LED light illuminate each items inside the cabinet and it adds styles to your spaces.

This Phiestina beer fridge can cold your beverages within the temperature range 38-50℉.


  • Slim design to fit anywhere 
  • Quiet operation
  • Temperature range of 38-50 degrees
  • Six removable wire shelves
  • Energy-saving operation
  • Digital thermometer controls


  • Non reversible door

hOmeLabs 120 Cans Coldest Mini Fridge with Glass Door

hOmeLabs 120 Cans Coldest Mini Fridge with Glass Door


  • Dimentions: 17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3 inches
  • Weight: 68.3 pounds
  • Capacity: 120 Cans
Review Rating:

This Refrigerator from hOmeLabs is worked for both wine and beer. The best part is that you don’t need to change the racking to hold the two refreshments inside, making it both flexible and dependable.

One issue with most refreshment coolers for holding wine is that they don’t have the correct stickiness level.

That implies that after some time, your wine will be affected by the surrounding air, which could aggravate it taste a great deal.

Luckily, this coldest beer fridge guarantees that the stickiness is perfect so you can make the most of your bottles whenever.

Another component that we acknowledge about this refrigerator is the way that it accompanies programmed defrosting.

With different units, a layer of cooling create as an afterthought, especially in the event that you like to keep them cold constantly.

This coldest mini beer fridge won’t have that issue, guaranteeing that your beverages don’t get stock still.

This under counter drink cooler with huge, inward capacity configuration is furnished with 3 movable and removable chrome racks.

Beverages coordinator helpfully holds up to 120 standard measured pop or lager jars, or a few wine bottles.

This single zone beer fridge has a simple touch temperature control that chills off to 34°F, and huge advanced display for speedy observing and setting of any temperature.

Its memory work consequently reestablishes the preset temperature of the cooler on the off chance that it becomes unplugged, or in case of a power drop.

The fridge accompany energy efficient advanced technology, and a quiet compressor cooling that works with an inside circulator fan to cool quickly, and keep consistent air circulation for equal temperature supply in cabinet.


  • Three movable shelves
  • Holds wine bottles
  • Digital display for convenience
  • Cools down to 34°F
  • Energy-efficient advanced cooling
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Blue LED bulb for illumination


  • Non reversible door

Avallon ABR151SGRH 86 Can Coldest Mini Beer Fridge

Avallon ABR151SGRH 86 Can Coldest Mini Beer Fridge


  • Dimentions: 23.69 x 14.94 x 34.13 inches
  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Capacity: 86 Cans
Review Rating:

As we’ve just examined, mini fridges won’t work in a circumstance where they must be introduced underneath a countertop.

Since you need to keep up appropriate ventilation, you cannot put it underneath countertop as it has rear ventilation.

Surprisingly, if you are looking for coldest mini beer fridge that can be front ventilation or introduced into your kitchen. You can utilize this model from Avallon.

In addition to the fact that it has front vents, yet it accompanies a couple of perfect highlights that make it a practical choice for anybody.

One component we acknowledge is the locking system on the front. You can keep any drinks inside without agonizing over anybody taking them when you’re nowhere to be found.

Another component is the way that this coldest mini beer fridge has four inside LED lights, making it simpler to perceive what you’re snatching.

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Likewise, you can pick between blue or beige lighting, contingent upon your inclination.

The door is made from double pane glass and stainless steel frame to ensure to get the maximum insulation.

This beer fridge is cold as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit, make it your refreshments as much as coldest without freezing.

Viewing and changing the temperature of this beer fridge is simple with the digital touch control board. You just need to set your desired temperature that’s it.

All through this fridge is available at high prices as compared to other units, this cooler has premium look and feel that match with any modern home theme.


  • Durable glass and stainless steel Frame
  • Locking system on the door
  • Front ventilation for built-in unit
  • Digital Touch control panel
  • Recessed door handle
  • Slide-out glass shelves
  • Cold as low as 34 degrees F


  • Little noisy
  • High Price

Whynter BR-130SB Coldest Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter BR-130SB Coldest Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimentions: 18.5 x 17 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Capacity: 120 Cans
Review Rating:

Whynter is other notable brand that makes excellent apparatuses intended to help keep your beer cool. While you might be comfortable with their air conditioners and fans, the organization likewise makes this elite cooling beer refrigerator also.

Similarly as with most beer fridges, this one accompanies a glass-entryway case. Notwithstanding, one thing that separates it is that the front handle isn’t recessed into the side.

One feature that impress us about this coldest beer fridge is the lighting has on/off switched. With different models, the light possibly turns on when you open the entryway, much the same as a standard full-size refrigerator.

Notwithstanding, in light of the fact that the entryway is glass, it’s ideal to have the option to perceive inside items obviously without opening it.

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When taking a gander at the temperature scope of this fridge, it’s somewhat superior to most. As per the maker, the temperature range is going between high 30ºF – mid 60ºF.

Truth be told, at the coldest setting, your refreshments in the cabinet covered by ice layer around them. Accordingly, in the event that you like additional chilly beers and soft drinks, this is your ideal fridge.

Capacity is additionally a breeze, on account of the five removable retires inside. Regardless of whether you need to hold jars, jugs, or something different in there, you can make it fit moderately without any problem. The racks are additionally made of metal so they will hold up after some time.


  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Temperature range of 36-65 degrees
  • Soft interior lighting with on/off switch
  • Five adjustable shelves
  • Reversible door for convenience
  • Quiet operation


  • Not much Quiet
  • Reversing door may result down nameplate

Kalamera 24 inch Coldest Beverage Refrigerator

Kalamera 24 inch Coldest Beverage Refrigerator


  • Dimentions: 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 103.8 pounds
  • Capacity: 175 Cans
Review Rating:

This Kalamera 24-inch beer cooler can store up to 175 cans and convey a simple touch control panel.

This is a rich cooler that you can use for homebrewing or simply putting away your artworks beer and it has a lovely and straightforward glass front.

The blue LED lighting includes an additional dash of exquisite plan and didn’t include any additional warmth inside the fridge either.

With an advanced compressor accessible, it is conceivable to gain admittance to a brief memory work reestablishing the temperature after power is lost with the unit.

The compressor inside this unit is likewise incredibly peaceful and the removable wire racks guarantee that it’s anything but easy to alter within for use with containers, jars and any sort of organizer that you may have.

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It delivers very unsurprising cooling with the capacity to keep up temperatures between 38 to 50°F.

The built in carbon channel can help clean the air again scents inside the cooler and gives a decent fresh condition for your beer containers.

The triple sheet glass entryway protect the cold air lost due to the UV which could secure your preferred beverage firm!

Kalamera Beverage Refrigerator offers equally cooled space for your wine bottles with limited vibration. You can likewise appreciate the quietness with your visitor sitting by the cooler.


  • Advanced Cooling Technology
  • Smart Digital Control
  • Door Locking System
  • Built in Carbon Filter
  • Triple pane glass door
  • Temperature memory function


  • Not Enough Colds as other

Kingsbottle 160 Can Coldest Beverage Cooler

Kingsbottle 160 Can Coldest Beverage Cooler


  • Dimentions: 30 x 45 x 41 inches
  • Weight: 170 pounds
  • Capacity: 160 Cans
Review Rating:

In case you’re searching for a little yet premium style, undercounter drink refrigerator with a glass entryway for your home or bar, you can’t turn can choose KingsBottle.

This 24″ width coldest beer fridge is ideal for indoor use and stores up to 160 cans of lager while keeping them overall quite cool.

The murmur calm fan on this beer cooler is front-venting, which implies it is anything but easy to introduce under a counter or as a feature of a presentation or bar.

This unit likewise includes stainless steel sides, simple to clean racking and a glass board entryway to show your drinks as helpfully and appealingly as conceivable to your clients and visitors.

We realize that it isn’t sufficient just to keep your preferred refreshments cold. This is the reason we ensure that the entirety of our refreshment coolers are a definitive mix of capacity and style.

Regardless of whether you’re getting one for your business bar or are looking to style your game room, KingsBottle has the correct cooler for you.

Excellent EMBRACO compressor system runs calmer and offer vibration free cooling.

Premium Italian brand CAREL temperature control framework for extraordinary unwavering quality.

A fan-flowed air cooling framework, with best in class fans, guarantee air conveyance and temperature consistency all through the cabinet.


  • Embraco Compressor
  • Italian Brand Controller
  • Stainless Steel Glass Door
  • 160 cans Large Capacity
  • 4 Chromed Steel Shelves


  • High Price

Frigidaire Retro Bar Coldest Mini Fridge Refrigerator

Frigidaire Retro Bar Coldest Beer Fridge Refrigerator


  • Dimentions: 18.5 x 21.5 x 32.5 inches
  • Weight: 50.4 pounds
  • Capacity: 34 Cans
Review Rating:

This Frigidaire Retro Bar Coldest Mini Fridge Presenting moderate kitchen items with 3.2 CU. FT minimized size cooler!

The chrome pull handle and removable glass racks which makes it ideal for a simple tidy up.

This refrigerator has customizable temperature control so you can keep your beer quite cold for long time.

This beer fridge has adjustable thermostat with CFC free, so you can enjoy coldest beer while preventing environment.

There are big cans or bottle storage space at door side rack. Which helps to store any size container.

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The thing that you not find in this beer fridge is the inside light which is might be necessary for some people.

Outside look and the feel of this coldest beer cooler is amazing and it can add a modern style to your home décor or beer bar.

For better coldest cooling this cooler accompany advanced compressor cooling system.

This mini fridge is ideal for home bar, modern beer bar or garage beer fridge.

The refrigerator is available in six different color to choose which best suits your home or bar theme. It is available in black, blue, coral, moonbeam, pink, red and white.

Additionally this fridge has buit in side bottle opener for more convenience.


  • Retro bar Fridge
  • Available in six color
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Ultimate Cooling Performance
  • CFC Free
  • Adjustable Thermostat


  • No inside light
  • Small Storage Space

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Coldest Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Coldest Wine Cooler


  • Dimentions: 17.5 x 31.5 x 19.7 inches
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • Capacity: 26 Bottles
Review Rating:

This one is the last coldest beer refrigerator which fulfils all your needs in this single unit.

There are a ton of double usable coolers out there, yet I’ve picked this one since it’s the most like a beer refrigerator.

Also, the racks are the ideal stature for upstanding beer bottles, and set down wine bottles.

The one drawback of this is you can’t keep your beer too much cold. Since we’re talking wine, the most minimal temperature is 40F, which is still bounty for an appropriately chilled beer.

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The norm of the cooler itself is extraordinary. There’s a delicate blue LED light which makes the wine look ravishing, and more grounded UV assurance on the glass to back up the wine.

So in case you’re a wine darling, you’ve really got nothing to lose by contemplating an alternative like this one.

The quality is first class for what it’s worth. And keeping in mind that the temperature isn’t exactly as cold as a beer fridge, it’s unquestionably enough for both wine and beer.

To be completely forthright, the value point on this one is a flat out amazement. You pay hardly anything for the benefit of putting away both wine and beer, contrasted with the awesome all-rounder beer fridges at the head of this rundown.


  • Keep wine and beer cool
  • Reinforced glass door with air tight seal
  • Quiet and vibration free
  • Freestanding and Built In Use


  • Not Enough Colds as other

Highlights to Look For when Buying Coldest Beer Fridge

Picking the ideal cold drink refrigerator is overwhelming with endless choices out there. We’ve just accomplished the work for you. Discover what highlights to search for before going through your cash:

Size Estimating Requirements

The size is by a long shot the most significant thought. Discover an area for your refrigerator and figure how much accessible space you have. Measure it and watch out for producers’ determinations.

Remember that freestanding refrigerators will requires some additional inches of leeway on the sides. They need up to 5 inches on the back side also. In the event that you choose a built in unit, the width of the accessible cabinet is generally enough.

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Storage Capacity

The beer refrigerator must be sufficiently large in order to meet your own necessities. How much no of people do you ordinarily serve consistently?

When you find the right answer, pick a refrigerator that can meet your necessity. Choose the beer fridge which is not much large and stores both beer and wine in same unit. Also find the right no. of beer can or bottles it will store.

Features Requirements

Additional highlights are for the most part about accommodation and productivity. On the off chance that your budget is liberal, you should choose mini beer refrigerators with double temperatures, just as temperature control, advanced display and even security locks. A few models may even element defrosting capacities.

Customizable racks also plays major role in choosing fridge while LED light is mandatory for illuminate inside. A few refrigerators have strong entryways, yet most makers rely on the showcase as well, so their entryways are straightforward. Twofold and triple coated entryways are accessible too for more effectiveness.

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Last Verdict on Coldest Beer Fridge

Main concern, purchasing a coldest beer fridge is surely a smart thought for a kitchen, bedroom or home bar. In the event that you like facilitating gatherings and inviting companions constantly, odds are you’ll require a particular unit.

As you might know, finding the correct colder beer cooler is difficult. As should be obvious, there are various sorts of beer refrigerators with explicit highlights, notwithstanding the normal fundamental capacities. We firmly accept that settling on a decent choice beginnings with recognizing your principle necessities.

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