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Commercial Beer Fridge

Selecting the finest Commercial Beer Fridge is all that is required. Your best bet for a commercial beer fridge is one that is built to last, has a large capacity, and can be set to a broad temperature range.

There is a wide variety of commercial beer coolers on the market nowadays. Each has both shared and unique characteristics. Finding the finest commercial bar cooler requires some digging, which is no easy undertaking for anybody starting from scratch.

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So that you don’t have to spend as much time reading reviews as possible, I only recommend commercial refrigerators that have been thoroughly tested and found to be suitable for use in a business setting.

Best Commercial Beer Fridge Reviews


Kalamera 15 Inch Home and Commercial Beverage Fridge

Kalamera 15 Inch Home and Commercial Beverage Fridge

Storage Capacity : 104 cans 

Review Rating:

This Kalamera refrigerator is the top pick if you need a refrigerator with a moderate capacity for storing beer at home or in a business.

It can store up to 104 normal-sized beers and comes with four detachable racks that can be rearranged as needed. Chrome retirements are built to last.

Because of its small footprint, it may be seamlessly integrated into existing cabinets or left as a standalone piece. You may attach wheels to the bottom if you’d like to make it more mobile.

The state-of-the-art compressor technology allows for swiftly chilled drinks. The temperature is maintained at a comfortable range of between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means the beverages may be enjoyed at room temperature, right before they solidify. The office’s fans circulate air around the space uniformly.

The single-door beer fridge is constructed from tempered steel, and its door is also made of hardened steel, but it is reinforced for more security to keep the cold air within.

The doorway is tight since it serves to maintain the interior’s briskness and consistency in temperature. As a result, you may use the whole capacity of the office’s cupboards.

The Kalamera beer cooler is also very customizable. Whether wall-mounted or freestanding, the vent’s futuristic, tempered steel construction gives you flexibility.

Protect your collection from thieves or curious little ones with the built-in safety lock that can be found at the door’s bottom.



  • Built-in or freestanding installation
  • Digital LED temperature control
  • Blue interior LED light
  • Four stainless steel wire shelves
  • Stainless steel door with safety lock
  • Temperature range from 32-41℉


  • No glass door
  • Door is s not reversible

Restaurant Supplies Commercial 3 Door Beer Fridge with Glass Door

Restaurant Supplies Commercial 3 Door Beer Fridge With Glass Door

Storage Capacity : 1152 cans or 624 Bottles

Review Rating:

With its stainless steel top and LED illumination, this industrial three-door beer fridge from a supplier of restaurant equipment is the compact solution to storing beer, soft drinks, and even blenders.

The industrial beer fridge features a stainless steel framework with a dark finish on the cabinet and door jamb. For proper implementation, we reinforced and shielded the glass door.

The cabinet interior is silver-toned, highly treated steel, and the countertop is steel as well, so it may double as a work surface if necessary. Eight casters may be attached to the bottom for convenient transportation.

This large device includes six detachable, adjustable wire racks with plastic coverings.

Up to 1100 regular-sized cans or around 600 bottles can be stored in this industrial beer fridge. All the way down to the last cubic inch, the maximum volume is 19.6. An LED light has been installed inside for better visibility, helping you find everything you need quickly and easily.

The R134A refrigerant requirement is met by a powerful, front-mounted, 1/3 hp compressor. Protecting the inside from the cold, it is foamed in place with polyurethane of great thickness.

The refrigerator has passed ETL testing and operates on a 115V circuit. The temperatures inside are easily adjustable from a low of 33 degrees to a high of 41 degrees Fahrenheit.



  • High storage capacity
  • 24″ Narrow depth
  • Three glass doors
  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Sturdy stainless steel cabinet
  • Safety lock


  • Not useful for Small Capacity

Dukers 69.4 Cu. Ft. Commercial Beverage Fridge

Dukers 69.4 cu. ft. commercial beverage fridge

Storage Capacity : 69.4 Cu. Ft.

Review Rating:

You can store a broad variety of drinks and beverages with ease in the Dukers 69.4 cu. ft. commercial beverage cooler.

With anti-misting technology installed in the glass doors, your goods will always be visible to shoppers. The built-in 6-inch wheels make it easy to move, and they can be locked in place for extra security.

This industrial beverage refrigerator uses R290 normal refrigerant, which cools faster and better than other refrigerants.

The 15 wire shelves are adjustable, so you can put just about any beverage you want in there. Each rack comes with interchangeable trays that may be used to store and display a broad variety of drinks and goods.

Our flagship beer cooler features two shelves on either side, illuminated by bright, energy-efficient LED lighting that runs both vertically and horizontally.

A fan mounted within the cabinet can help keep the interior temperature stable and reduce the frequency with which the temperature rises and falls.

This piece has dimensions of 78′′ across, 31 7/8′′ deep, and 79 1/2′′ high. The front stainless-steel door frame and glass panel are housed in this section.

The stainless steel frame of the cooler ensures that it will last for a long time and will look great in any bar or store selling beer.

The commercial grade and business-oriented construction of this beverage refrigerator guarantees reliable performance.

The temperature inside the fridge is the most crucial aspect to check. The wide temperature range of this beer fridge—from 33 degrees to 41 degrees Fahrenheit—means it can store a wide variety of drinks.

The refrigerator is freestanding, so it can go wherever you choose, and the best part is that it comes with wheels so you can transport it from one spot to another with ease.



  • Large 69.4 cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Temperature range from 33°f to 41°f
  • Commercial and business use
  • 3 tempered glass swing doors
  • 15 removable wire shelves
  • Anti-fogging glass for easy visibility


  • Not Found

Koolmore 53 Cu. Ft. 3 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge

Koolmore 53 Cu. Ft. 3 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge

Storage Capacity : 53 Cu. Ft.

Review Rating:

The three-door exhibition fridge from Koolmore is made of black hardened steel and aluminum. A glass, three-door cooler is perfect for storing and displaying beverages, snacks, and even fresh flowers.

Ideal for grocery stores, general stores, flower shops, and restaurants Stacking, emptying, and maintenance are simplified by a compressor that is built into the base and a rack that is elevated from the base.

The unit’s twelve adjustable erosion safe racks provide the best possible display opportunities for your tall bottles of any variety.

This triple-glass-entryway commercial-grade cooler looks fantastic but is a nightmare to clean thanks to its top-notch tempered steel outside and aluminum inside.

The LED lighting inside makes the contents of your storage unit shine and can be seen from the outside at night. Plus, it dresses up your refrigerator or beverage cooler.

This unit has a massive 53 cu. ft. storage capacity, making it the greatest commercial grade beverage cooler available.

The front door’s anti-fog insulated glass makes it simple to keep an eye on what’s inside while the unit is being assembled.

You can adjust the temperature to your liking using its precise digital external control. The current temperature is displayed digitally.

The device has a temperature range of 33°F to 41°F, and it may be modified to meet your specific requirements. It works well for beer and any other beverage.

Capacity options start as low as 9 cu. ft., so if you like the design but don’t need as much space, you can still have one of these units.



  • Gorgeous display refrigerator
  • 12 adjustable shelves
  • Anti-fog insulated front glass door
  • External digital control and display
  • Temperature range from 33°f to 41°f


  • Some little loud but not much

PEAK COLD 2 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge Cooler

PEAK COLD 2 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge Cooler

Storage Capacity : 11.8 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

Consider this peak-efficiency, 2-door glass model if you need a commercial beer fridge but don’t need a lot of space. The total volume of this unit is 11.8 cubic feet.

It has dimensions of 36.25 inches in width, 18.5 inches in depth, and 28.9 inches in height, and is lined with stainless steel.

In addition to its household utility, this device is ideal for commercial use. Because of its moderate capacity for stowing away items, it finds utility in domestic settings as well.

Its secure doors keep unwanted guests out of businesses and keep youngsters safe from harm in homes.

Racking can be moved or taken away to make room for many different kinds of containers, cans, and barrels.

Its bright LED strip lighting is perfect for quick inspections in low-light areas, and you can turn it on or off with a remote control.

If you have a commercial Dixell XR03CX regulator, you may set the temperature and time of day that the system will automatically defrost to suit your needs.

This industrial beer fridge has a computerized temperature controller that lets the temperature go from 33°F to 41°F.

The hydrocarbon R290 used to cool down beverages in commercial refrigerators is safe for the environment. This innovative technology makes this fridge more efficient in terms of energy use.

Nothing on it is there to waste energy, and everything was built with swiftness in mind.

The digital regulator is introduced for checking and adjusting the temperature with ease of use. There is a control panel for the beer fridge on the left side, and you don’t even have to open the door to access it.



  • Commercial and Residential use
  • Locking Doors
  • Four Epoxy Coated Wire Shelves
  • Digital controller
  • Stainless steel interior with LED lighting


  • Not much capacity as we previously seen

Dukers 14.7 cu. ft. Commercial Display Merchandiser Refrigerator

Dukers 14.7 cu. ft. Commercial Display Merchandiser Refrigerator

Storage Capacity : 14.7 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

Because it can hold a lot of beer, this merchandiser beer fridge is better for use in a business or bar than in a home.

The Dukers single glass entrance merchandiser fridge cools products while providing a smart walled space for your company’s requirements, and its design is optimized to showcase and display any product.

The glass door seals tightly, keeping the beer or other liquids at a consistent temperature. The lowest temperature you can set by hand is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest you can set it to is 50 degrees.

The digital temperature control and sleek LED screen make it simple to set the perfect temperature with the touch of a button.

It comes with five wire racks that can be removed and adjusted to accommodate containers of varying heights and widths. There’s plenty of room for even the tallest beverage bottle.

This industrial refrigerator by Dukers is driven by a powerful 1/4 HP bottom-mounted, sophisticated compressor. In addition, there are built-in fans for steady temperature regulation.

This industrial beer fridge is designed with anti-fogging tempered glass, which is frosted to give a cool impression, and is framed in stainless steel so that you can see your beverage selection from the outside.

As an added bonus, the entrance has contemporary LED lighting that exudes a cool vibe and is sure to garner praise.



  • Commercial refrigerator with 14.7 cu. Ft. capacity
  • Seals tight self-closing glass door
  • Digital temperature controls with LED display
  • Temperature range from 32°F to 50°F
  • Five removable and adjustable wire racks
  • Heavy-duty 1/4 HP compressor
  • Require less footprint to fit anyplace


  • Not ideal for personal use
  • Single door

KoolMore 3 Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator Cooler

KoolMore 3 Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator Cooler

Storage Capacity : 66.5 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

This industrial glass door beverage cooler is the perfect addition to any office or bar.

Glass doors and LED illumination make it simple to keep tabs on stock levels inside this three-door glass-front refrigerator, which is made of high-quality hardened steel and looks amazing.

The maximum number of goods that may be stored is maximized in an open triple-entry commercial refrigerator with nine deep moveable racks.

The sophisticated temperature management and display on the outside allows you to easily customize the environment to your preferences. Auto defrost and four wheels make it mobile and convenient.

Kool-More commercial refrigerators feature a 430-type hardened steel exterior. The inside is finished with tempered steel that is resistant to corrosion and consumption.

The entryway’s double pane of glass feels icy to the touch, and it is framed in treated steel and equipped with a deadbolt lock. This will prevent any unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your drinks.

Automatic door closers help you save money on your utility bills by closing the door when you leave. There are three transparent entrances that let you keep tabs on the market. extremely spacious, perfect for restaurants, hotels, and other commercial eateries.

The NSF ANSI 7 Standard for Commercial Coolers certifies this unit’s high level of safety and sanitation, as required by the ETL listing.

With the help of the bottom-mounted, sophisticated compressor, we can reduce a low of 33 degrees Fahrenheit to a comfortable 41 degrees.



  • Reach-in refrigerator
  • Sleek shiny stainless steel
  • 3 glass door with lock
  • Nine adjustable shelves
  • ETL certified
  • Self-closing door
  • Build from of high quality stainless steel


  • Not Found

VBENLEM 5.5 cu.ft. Home Bar Commercial Beverage Fridge

VBENLEM 5.5 cu.ft. Built-in Home bar commercial Beverage Fridge

Storage Capacity : 5.5 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

This commercial-grade beer fridge is perfect for your home bar. With its reinforced cabinet and door, this refrigerator is perfect for usage in the great outdoors at an affordable price.

The Embraco compressor is also quiet and vibration-free. Whether a kitchen is professionally run or privately owned, it is a great option for use in an outdoor setting.

This state-of-the-art refrigerator features an air-cooling system that recycles the air within the office in the same way that a fan does. The Embraco compressor, already mentioned, maintains a constant and cold temperature for the beverages.

The range of temperatures is from a cool 34 degrees to a comfortable 46 degrees. This cooling system is top-notch and runs quietly, so it should meet all of your needs.

It’s a fair measure for covert operations and sneaky business deals. The timeless silver tempered steel finish makes it a good fit for any cabinetry.

This commercial beer cooler is perfect for the home bar since it includes all the bells and whistles you could want in a beer cooler.

This machine has everything you need for an efficient refrigerator, including a built-in defrosting function and an alert system. You may position the door on either the left or right side, depending on where in the room your refrigerator will be placed. This refrigerator is perfect for anybody looking for a high-end home bar refrigerator because of its massive 150-liter capacity.



  • Overall 150L capacity
  • Digital temp. control
  • Advanced quality stainless steel
  • Convenient Usage
  • Reversible door with lock
  • Temperature range from 34~50℉


  • No glass door

Thing to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Beer Fridge?

Types of Fridge: Built-in Versus Freestanding

Each kind is unique to the space where you plan to install your industrial beverage refrigerator. These built-in refrigerators eliminate the need for an opening in the counter or gap between the fridge and the cabinets.

This is because the commercial beverage refrigeration units beneath it all have a vent at the front base edge (or some other random location) to enable air to circulate. You may consider this option if you want your beer fridge to look nice and be properly installed in the cabinet or in line with other appliances in the room.

A built-in beverage center, on the other hand, needs clearance at the top (under the counter) and on both sides or the rear to ensure it doesn’t overheat too quickly. In order to do this, it is equipped with a vent along the side or rear that lets hot air escape. Mini refrigerators are designed to fit in tight spaces, such as on kitchen countertops, dorm room lockers, dorm room shelves, and more.

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The commercial refrigerators are designed to store a large quantity of drinks and to chill them quickly. They are, nevertheless, available in a wide variety of sizes and forms. The freestanding refrigerator is the most well-known kind. That’s the self-contained, extremely capacious unit. The counter fridge and under-counter beer cooler is tops.

Refrigerator Size and Storage Capacity

You’ll want the fridge that can squeeze into your office, restaurant, or living room. If it’s too small, you could run out of drinks on a busy night, but if it’s too big, it’ll take up too much space and drive up your electricity costs. Take your time measuring and selecting the one that best fits your needs and available space.

Efficiency of Fridge

Productivity is one of the most important things you’ll have to look for in the refrigerator. In addition to lowering your monthly rate, the more efficient cooler will require less servicing.

A similarly secured entrance will keep the power where it belongs. A door that closes automatically makes it easier to focus on your job without interruptions.

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Defrosting Feature

Defrost is a significant element in the commercial beer bar refrigerators. After long time the fridge can collect some ice inside. That influences the efficiency of the cooler and you have to clean it. There are some fridges with programmed defrost work, manual defrost and off-cycle. It is critical to defrost and due to the cleanliness inside the fridge.

Safety Lock and Warranty

In the event that you choose to go with the commercial beer fridge you will see that the greater part of them accompany the lock. It is extra security for your assortment inside.

You ought to likewise remember to check for the guarantee of the item. They will in general be more costly, and on the off chance that you own a commercial you wouldn’t have any desire to change the refrigerator consistently.

Quality Development

The great development of any machine delineates its lifetime. To start with, your beer refrigerator should be made of sturdy materials, for example, stainless steel so it can’t be rusted and broken too early.

You additionally need to consider subtleties like the racks must be tough and not very unstable to eliminate, the handle is dashed to the entryway safely and other important parts of your fridge.

Quiet Execution

A beer fridge you choose must be quiet and stable. A cutting edge model ordinarily has a thermoelectric and basically quiet activity contrasting with compressor based cooling models that are somewhat loud.

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Yet, some advanced compressor model also are quiet as previous models. So choose the refrigerator that have lower noise.

Great Client Reviews

They are the most dependable factor for newbies to search for. A decent commercial drink cooler will has reliably sure audits and high-evaluated scores on the web based commercial markets.

So prior to choosing to purchase an entirely different beer cooler, check some reliable sites and the rating scores on Amazon without a doubt.


When it comes to pick the commercial beer fridge you need them to be quality made and strong. That is the reason you have to be accurate which one is the best for you.


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