Best Commercial Beer Fridge Reviews 2022

Commercial Beer Fridge

When you are looking for the Commercial Beer Fridge you just need to choose the best. The Best Commercial Beer Refrigerator you can get are to be solid, with huge storage capacity region and wide temperature range.

There are so many commercial beer coolers available in market to choose from. All are having some common features and some having special features. So researching the best commercial bar cooler is somewhat difficult task for any new people.

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So to save your research time in finding the best commercial beer fridge, I write the best commercial refrigerator reviews that are proven to be successful for the commercial purposes.

Best Commercial Beer Fridge Reviews

Kalamera 15 Inch Home and Commercial Beverage Fridge

Kalamera 15 Inch Home and Commercial Beverage Fridge

Storage Capacity : 104 cans 

Review Rating:

If you are looking for medium capacity beer fridge for your home or commercial use than this kalamera fridge is the best choice for you.

It has four removable racks that you can change in accordance with your necessities and it can hold up to 104 standard-sized beer cans. They are chrome retires that can keep going you quite a while.

It has a little impression so you can without much of a stretch incorporate it with the cabinetry or you can leave it as an freestanding unit. On the off chance that you need you can connect casters at the base for simpler portability.

The cutting edge innovation in the compressor makes you get the coldest beverages in record time. It keeps the temperature between 32 degrees and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

That implies that you can have the beverages at the light-the point of solidification. The fans inside ensure that the air is equitably coursing through the bureau.

To ensure that chilliness remains inside, the single entryway brew refrigerator is made of tempered steel and the entryway is additionally of hardened steel however fortified with protection.

Keeping the briskness inside and the temperature stable are the reasons why there is no extra space in the entryway. Thus, you get the full storage limit of the bureau.

Kalamera beer cooler additionally offers adaptability. The forward looking tempered steel vent implies you can decide to have it as a built in or freestanding model.

In built safety lock is provided at the bottom of door to ensure your assortment is safe from the theft or protect from kids.


  • Built-in or freestanding installation
  • Digital LED temperature control
  • Blue interior LED light
  • Four stainless steel wire shelves
  • Stainless steel door with safety lock
  • Temperature range from 32-41℉


  • No glass door
  • Door is s not reversible

Restaurant Supplies Commercial 3 Door Beer Fridge with Glass Door

Restaurant Supplies Commercial 3 Door Beer Fridge With Glass Door

Storage Capacity : 1152 cans or 624 Bottles

Review Rating:

Flaunting a stainless steel top and LED lighting, this restaurant supplies commercial 3 door beer fridge is the space-sparing answer for putting away lager, pop, and drink blenders at your bar, club, or café.

This commercial beer refrigerator is stainless steel framed that has  dark completion plan of the cabinet and the door jamb. The glass entryway is strengthened and protected for quality execution.

Within the cupboard is in exemplary treated steel silver tone and the countertop is likewise made of steel so in the event that you can utilize it as a worktop. For simpler portability, you can add eight casters at the base.

This is a major unit that accompanies 6 plastic-covered wire racks that are removable and flexible.

This commercial beer refrigerator can store upto 1100 standard-sized cans or around 600 bottles. It is an all out limit of 19.6 cubic feet. To discover effectively what you are searching for there is a LED light introduced inside.

This is a serious front-mount 1/3 hp compressor that sudden spikes in demand for R134A refrigerant. It is frothed set up with high-thickness polyurethane protection to keep up the inside temperature.

The fridge is ETL certified and it needs 115V association to work. The temperature inside can undoubtedly be changed from low 33 degrees to high 41 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • High storage capacity
  • 24″ Narrow depth
  • Three glass doors
  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Sturdy stainless steel cabinet
  • Safety lock


  • Not useful for Small Capacity

Dukers 69.4 Cu. Ft. Commercial Beverage Fridge

Dukers 69.4 cu. ft. commercial beverage fridge

Storage Capacity : 69.4 Cu. Ft.

Review Rating:

The Dukers 69.4 cu. ft. commercial beverage cooler fridge offers abundant space for a wide range of beverages and drinks.

Anti fogging glass entryways with against misting innovation keeps your product up front for all perusing clients. The included 6 casters permit simple situating and can be bolted for security.

This commercial beverage fridge uses R290 normal refrigerant for quick and more effective cooling than customary refrigerant.

The 15 adjustable wire shelves allows you to store and fit any type of beverage easily. Each included rack has removable dividers to sort out a wide variety of beverages and product.

You can showcase your all collection and items with brilliant energy effective LED illuminating running and down on either side of our showcase beer cooler.

Inside cabinet fan helps in maintaining consistent temperature inside the cabinet and lessen the interior temprature changes.

The item is measured 78″ in width, 31 7/8 depth and 79 1/2″ in height. It contains the front glass door with stainless steel frame.

Outside of the cooler is framed with stainless steel to make it durable and look fantastic when it is placed in beer bar or shop.

This beverage fridge is specifically made for commercial grade and business purpose use, so you can trust on the quality.

The most important features to look in refrigerator is temperature. This beer fridge has temperature range from 33°F to 41°F to accommodate any type of beverage and drinks.

The fridge is freestanding and fit any space and main thing is, you get roller below the cooler to move it easily from one pace to another.


  • Large 69.4 cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Temperature range from 33°f to 41°f
  • Commercial and business use
  • 3 tempered glass swing doors
  • 15 removable wire shelves
  • Anti-fogging glass for easy visibility


  • Not Found

Koolmore 53 Cu. Ft. 3 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge

Koolmore 53 Cu. Ft. 3 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge

Storage Capacity : 53 Cu. Ft.

Review Rating:

The Koolmore triple entryway show cooler is made of dark hardened steel and aluminum. A 3 entryway, glass refreshment merchandiser cooler to keep beverages, food, or blossoms cool and new.

Ideal for eateries, bistros, staple goods, bloom shops. A base mounted compressor and raised base rack for advantageous stacking, emptying and upkeep.

The unit contains 12 movable erosion safe racks coffer greatest presentation prospects to adjust any type of tall bottles to easily fit.

Top notch tempered steel outside and aluminum inside, this triple glass entryway commercial grade cooler looks incredible and is anything but easy to clean.

The inside LED lighting makes your stored item sparkle and perceived from outside in night. Also it adds style to your beverage cooler.

If you are looking for the best commercial grade beverage cooler than this unit is perfect as it provide huge 53 Cu. Ft. storage capacity.

The unit is easy to setup and the front door contains Anti-fog insulated glass to clearly watch the inside items.

One can set the desired temperature with its reliable external digital control. You can see the current temperature from digital display.

You can set temperature of the unit from 33°f to 41°f as you need. It is perfect for all types of beverages along with beer.

If you like this unit but not want to such large capacity than you can choose some lower capacity unit also, because it is available in small capacity from 9 Cu. Ft.


  • Gorgeous display refrigerator
  • 12 adjustable shelves
  • Anti-fog insulated front glass door
  • External digital control and display
  • Temperature range from 33°f to 41°f


  • Some little loud but not much

PEAK COLD 2 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge Cooler

PEAK COLD 2 Glass Door Commercial Beer Fridge Cooler

Storage Capacity : 11.8 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

This peak cold 2 glass door commercial beer fridge is ideal for moderate storage capacity requirements. This model offers 11.8 Cubic feet storage capacity.

The interior is made of stainless steel material and it measures 36.25 ” W x 18.5″ D x 28.9 “H in dimensions.

This unit is best for the commercial purpose as well as residential purposes. As it has medium storage capacity that’s why is also used for home purposes.

Its lockable entryways control admittance to substance and forestall theft and pointless misfortune in a commercial areas or protect kids at home.

The four movable or eliminate racking to fit various items in containers, cans or even barrels without compromising storage capacity.

Its brilliant LED strip lighting features the substance for simple survey in dull spaces with isolated change to turn on or of varying.

A commercial Dixell XR03CX regulator permits custom programming of temperature and programmed defrost timing.

This commercial beer refrigerator allows to set temperature between 33°f to 41°f with its digital controller.

This commercial drink fridge runs on R290 Hydrocarbon refrigerant that is nature friendly. In view of that new innovation, this is a more energy-proficient refrigerator.

Everything on it is made so briskness is appropriately protected inside and that no energy goes to squander.

For easy to use insight, the digital regulator is introduced for checking and changing the temperature. It is situated on the left side of the beer refrigerator and you don’t need to open the door to change the settings.


  • Commercial and Residential use
  • Locking Doors
  • Four Epoxy Coated Wire Shelves
  • Digital controller
  • Stainless steel interior with LED lighting


  • Not much capacity as we previously seen

Dukers 14.7 cu. ft. Commercial Display Merchandiser Refrigerator

Dukers 14.7 cu. ft. Commercial Display Merchandiser Refrigerator

Storage Capacity : 14.7 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

This merchandiser beer fridge is ideal for commercial purposes and beer bar use but not so much for your home use because of its large capacity.

The model is planned consummately to feature and show any type of product, the Dukers single glass entryway merchandiser fridge chills items while offering a smart walled in area for your business needs.

Its glass door seals tight for maintaining the steady temperature for beer or other beverages. You can set manually the temperature as low as 32°F and maximum upto 50°F.

The modern LED display with digital temperature control allows you to watch and customize your desired temperature with easy one click push button.

It accompany five removable and adjustable wire racks for the easy fit any size of beverage container. You can put any tall beverage bottle easily without compromising space.

This Dukers commercial fridge is powered by heavy duty 1/4 HP bottom placed advanced compressor to chill effectively. Also internal fans are provided to maintain the consistent temperature and avoid fluctuations.

You can perceive your beverages assortment from outside clearly because this commercial beer fridge provides anti-fogging tempered glass which is frosty, giving a cool effect, and framed with stainless steel.

Also the inside LED lighting lights up the entryway, emitting a truly cool vibe and makes certain to get numerous commendations.


  • Commercial refrigerator with 14.7 cu. Ft. capacity
  • Seals tight self-closing glass door
  • Digital temperature controls with LED display
  • Temperature range from 32°F to 50°F
  • Five removable and adjustable wire racks
  • Heavy-duty 1/4 HP compressor
  • Require less footprint to fit anyplace


  • Not ideal for personal use
  • Single door

KoolMore 3 Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator Cooler

KoolMore 3 Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator Cooler

Storage Capacity : 66.5 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

This lovely glass entryway commercial drink fridge will keep things cool and composed in your business or any bar area.

Made of top notch hardened steel the 3 entryway glass front fridge looks extraordinary and is anything but easy to clean glass entryways and LED lighting make monitoring stock a breeze.

An open triple-entryway commercial fridge with 9 profound movable racks offers most extreme storage capacity for a wide-scope of items.

Outer advanced temperature control and display makes you easy adjust temperature as per your need. Auto defrost 4 casters that make it versatile and simple to move.

The outside of the Kool more commercial fridge is created of 430 sorts hardened steel The inside is worked with 304 kind rust and consumption safe tempered steel.

The double pane glass entryway is cold, giving a chilled impact, and has a treated steel outline with an entryway lock on the base. This keeps your beverages secure from burglary and undesirable access.

Self-closing doors helps you to save energy when you forgot to close the door. Three glass entryways permit you to follow stock Very extensive ideal for cafés lodgings and a wide range of business kitchens.

This unit is exceptionally certified ETL Listed for Safety and Sanitation making it NSF ANSI 7 Standard for Commercial coolers.

The bottom mounted advanced compressor allows us to cool as much as 33°F low temperature to 41°F.


  • Reach-in refrigerator
  • Sleek shiny stainless steel
  • 3 glass door with lock
  • Nine adjustable shelves
  • ETL certified
  • Self-closing door
  • Build from of high quality stainless steel


  • Not Found

VBENLEM 5.5 cu.ft. Home Bar Commercial Beverage Fridge

VBENLEM 5.5 cu.ft. Built-in Home bar commercial Beverage Fridge

Storage Capacity : 5.5 Cubic Feet

Review Rating:

This is an advanced home bar commercial beer fridge made of stainless steel. It is a great refrigerator reasonable for open air use due to the strengthened bureau and entryway.

Moreover, the Embraco compressor makes low clamor and it is sans vibration. It is an ideal choice for open air kitchens regardless of is it expert or private locally established.

This is a cutting edge condition of-workmanship fridge with the air-cooling framework that circles air inside the bureau similarly. As of now referenced the Embraco compressor keeps the drinks cool and the temperature steady the whole time.

The temperature goes from 34 degrees to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a high-caliber and calm running cooling framework that will satisfy every one of your requirements.

It is the unit reasonable for under counter and implicit establishment. It can fit in pleasantly in any cabinetry in light of the immortal silver tempered steel finish.

This is a home bar commercial beer cooler that has extra things and highlights that ensure you get the most ideal cooler on the lookout.

With a programmed defrosting capacity and caution framework, you have all you require in this unit for the totally effective refrigerator. The door is reversible so you can set any side as per your fridge placement. With 150 litre capacity this fridge is ideal for anyone who want premium quality home bar fridge.


  • Overall 150L capacity
  • Digital temp. control
  • Advanced quality stainless steel
  • Convenient Usage
  • Reversible door with lock
  • Temperature range from 34~50℉


  • No glass door

Thing to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Beer Fridge?

Types of Fridge: Built-in Versus Freestanding

These types rely upon your area for setting your commercial drinks refrigerator. With the buit-in fridges, there is no hole or separation between the counter and the cupboards to the fridge.

In this manner, the underlying commercial refreshment fridges have an air vent at the front base edge (no unique spot) so as to allow the air to circle. It is best for the individuals who need their lager cooler legitimately introduced with the cupboard or inline with other apparatus in the spot.

However, a freestanding drink cooler needs a space at the top (underneath the counter) and at each side or its back which enables the freestanding fridge to won’t overheat rapidly. To do that, it is furnished with a vent situated along the edge or back to permit warmth to disappear. This fridge type is minimized and intended to sit on the counter, table, racks or any place you need to put.

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Commercial refrigerators are made to fit a ton of refreshments inside and to cool them rapidly. Be that as it may, they do come in different sizes and shapes. The most widely recognized one is the upstanding fridge. That is the freestanding unit with a great deal of storage limit. The best one is the under counter beer cooler and counter fridge.

Refrigerator Size and Storage Capacity

You need the refrigerator that will find a way into your space, bar, eatery, home. In the event that it is too little you hazard the absence of drink on a bustling night and in the event that it is too large it can take an excessive amount of room and increment your power bill. Measure cautiously and pick the most ideal alternative for your spaces and your requirements.

Efficiency of Fridge

One of the main things you have to search for in the fridge is the productivity. The more productive cooler saves your month to month bill and lessen maintenance of the refrigerator.

Likewise if the entryway is appropriately protected the energy will be safeguarded where it should be. It is useful to have a self-shutting entryway so you can work without stresses.

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Defrosting Feature

Defrost is a significant element in the commercial beer bar refrigerators. After long time the fridge can collect some ice inside. That influences the efficiency of the cooler and you have to clean it. There are some fridges with programmed defrost work, manual defrost and off-cycle. It is critical to defrost and due to the cleanliness inside the fridge.

Safety Lock and Warranty

In the event that you choose to go with the commercial beer fridge you will see that the greater part of them accompany the lock. It is extra security for your assortment inside.

You ought to likewise remember to check for the guarantee of the item. They will in general be more costly, and on the off chance that you own a commercial you wouldn’t have any desire to change the refrigerator consistently.

Quality Development

The great development of any machine delineates its lifetime. To start with, your beer refrigerator should be made of sturdy materials, for example, stainless steel so it can’t be rusted and broken too early.

You additionally need to consider subtleties like the racks must be tough and not very unstable to eliminate, the handle is dashed to the entryway safely and other important parts of your fridge.

Quiet Execution

A beer fridge you choose must be quiet and stable. A cutting edge model ordinarily has a thermoelectric and basically quiet activity contrasting with compressor based cooling models that are somewhat loud.

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Yet, some advanced compressor model also are quiet as previous models. So choose the refrigerator that have lower noise.

Great Client Reviews

They are the most dependable factor for newbies to search for. A decent commercial drink cooler will has reliably sure audits and high-evaluated scores on the web based commercial markets.

So prior to choosing to purchase an entirely different beer cooler, check some reliable sites and the rating scores on Amazon without a doubt.


When it comes to pick the commercial beer fridge you need them to be quality made and strong. That is the reason you have to be accurate which one is the best for you.

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