Summit Wine Cooler Review: Best 8 Models to Choose In 2022

summit wine cooler review

Summit wine coolers are the industry’s largest selection of built-in wine coolers. Felix Storch, Inc make summit wine coolers.

Felix Storch is established in 1969 and has been the leading provider of expert, business, and clinical coolers and refrigerators, as well as kitchen appliances. 

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Summit wine cooler is power-packed with full features. Majority of wine coolers are built-in installation type. Finding the best summit wine cooler for the new person is difficult and complicated. 

So here in this article, we showed the best summit wine cooler review for you to choose the best one that suits your need.

The product mentioned below is collected by considering its features and customer reviews and technical specifications.

Top Picked Summit Wine Coolers

Summit Appliance 24 Wide Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler

Summit Appliance 24″ Wide Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler

Summit Appliance SWC24GKS Built-in Undercounter Wine Cooler Review

Summit Appliance SWC24GKS Built-in Undercounter Wine Cooler Review

8 Best Summit Wine Coolers Review

Summit Appliance Commercial 18 Inch Wide Wine Cooler

Summit Appliance Commercial 18 Inch Wide Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 34.25 x 17.75 x 15 inches
  • Weight         :  95 pounds
  • Capacity      :  34 bottles
Review Rating:

This wine cooler from the summit is built for commercial use like in the garage, basement or bar shop, etc.

The cooler is capable to store 36 wine bottles with commercially listed NSF-7 standards.

Intended to secure the nature of wines for both short and long period, this item is ideal for the lover winemaker who needs to guarantee that containers are matured at a steady level in the absence of a basement.

This imaginative built-in wine cooler secures reds and whites by establishing and keeping up a totally steady climate.

An easy control board permits a simple change of the temperature from the 41º to 64ºF territory.

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We suggest utilizing this single-zone wine cooler to store wine of a similar kind (for example either red or white) because of the way that you’ll simply have the option to set it to one temperature.

Notwithstanding, putting away the two reds and whites is simple as long as you keep up the temp in the scope of 55°F.

This summit wine cooler contains five wooden shelves that fits more wine bottles easily.

A sans vibration and super-calm activity likewise permit wine to settle appropriately. Smooth lines and exquisite subtleties likewise make this wine cooler simple to incorporate into most kitchen styles.

Its reversible door allows it to change the direction of door open. Security lock is also provided to secure your wine assortments.

Summit 15 Inch Wide 23 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler

Summit 15 Inch Wide 23 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 32.25 x 15 x 23 inches
  • Weight         :  65 pounds
  • Capacity      :  23 bottles
Review Rating:

Summit 23-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler is ideal for the individuals who have chosen to get a smidgen more genuine about their wine assortment.

Holding up to 23 wine bottles all at once, the unit has single cooling zones, permitting you to store any kind of wine at a suitable temperature.

The wine cooler has a temperature range somewhere in the range of 41° to 64°F. Smooth calm activity with a low degree of vibrations doesn’t upset wine residue, advancing an ideal development of the wine.

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Smooth slim plan with a polished hardened steel trim and clear treated glass reversible entryway give a chic look to the machine, making it coordinate any home style or business setting.

This built-in or freestanding wine cooler is likewise outfitted with rich beech wood racks with metal roller tracks for a tasteful showcase of your assortment.

Factory installed safety lock is provided to secure your wine collection from small kids or pets.

The digital thermostat allows you to easy and accurate temperature control by just one touch.

Smooth LED light illuminate cabinet and wine bottles that provide amazing appearance in night.

Summit Appliance Open 12-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler Review

Summit Appliance Open 12-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 12.5 x 35.75 x 15.38 Inches
  • Weight         :  73 pounds
  • Capacity      :  12 bottles
Review Rating:

This summit wine cooler is ideal for keeping open bottles of wine chilled at the correct conditions.

Intended to keep wines at a consistent temperature even in extraordinary ecological temperatures, this unit brags a limit of 12 bottles and is ideal for devotees.

Highlights incorporate a temperature range from 41° to 68°F to chill the wine at its ideal temperature.

An implicit security lock likewise makes it conceivable to limit admittance to your assortment.

Chilling and protecting temperature better than thermoelectric units, this wine cooler is planned as a trendy freestanding unit.

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The digital thermostat makes it easy to alter the temperature as you want.

This wine cooler is inadmissible to introduce in an ineffectively ventilated zone in light of the fact that the engine can overheat, and it’s likewise stronger than thermoelectric units.

In any case, the commotion level is practically identical to that of other kitchen machines and isn’t irritating as long as the unit isn’t introduced in the room.

It utilizes a tabletop plan with a business compressor for quick temperature pull-down and chills wine.

The smooth LED-driven lighting and window offer a rich presentation of container names.

Summit Appliance 7 Bottle Undercounter Wine Cooler Review

Summit Appliance 7 Bottle Undercounter Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 32.25 x 5.88 x 20.75 inches
  • Weight         :  40 pounds
  • Capacity      :  07 bottles
Review Rating:

This summit wine cooler is the ideal decision for those who are looking for a small capacity wine cooler.

This summit small wine cooler has seven bottle storage capacity and great looks, it can likewise be put anyplace as a freestanding or built-in wine cooler.

Aside from great surveys on execution and the heartiness of its plan, there are other valid statements to this wine cooler.

Probably the most delightful thing is that the cooler temperature range goes from 41℉ to 72℉. This means you get more chilled wine from this wine cooler.

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It’s novel 6″ width lets you change the littlest space into an advantageous wine storage place and show. The stainless steel managed glass entryway gives full item perceivability from outside.

Advanced indoor regulator offers exact and helpful temperature control with an easy push button.

The sliding racks are made of bitch wood and are extraordinarily treated not to retain dampness or scents. Furthermore, there is likewise an uncommon charcoal channel to eliminate scents, an advantageous entryway lock, and the blower is pretty peaceful as well.

The compressor is very powerful and peaceful as well. Inside LED light make it more featured. But the LED light is not turn off.

Summit Appliance 24″ Wide Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler

Summit Appliance 24 Wide Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 32.25 x 23.5 x 23.3 inches
  • Weight         :  113 pounds
  • Capacity      :  46 bottles
Review Rating:

This wine cooler from summit appliance is a commercially approved dual zone wine cooler to chill any type of wine in its cabinets.

The flexible design of the cooler permits freestanding as well as built-in installation to fit in any space.

Dual zones of this summit wine cooler allow to store and chill any type of red and white wine simultaneously in one unit. You can set the different temperatures for each individual zones as per your requirements.

This wine cooler allows setting the desired temperature between 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The stainless steel design and the trimmed glass door of this summit wine cooler provides elegant view of the inside wine collection.

You can manage your cooler temperature easily with the digital control panel provided inside the cooler.

One can store 46 standard size wine bottles into this summit wine coolers with its six flexible wire shelves.

Alongside the tempered glass door is also reversible, you can fit your door any side as per your convenience.

The front ventilation of this cooler makes it perfect cooler for the built-in installation.

Additionally safety lock is also provided in this cooler to secure your wine collection from any unauthorised access.

Summit Appliance SWC24GKS Built-in Undercounter Wine Cooler Review

Summit Appliance SWC24GKS Built-in Undercounter Wine Cooler Review


  • Dimention   : 34.25 x 23.38 x 23.75 inches
  • Weight         :  130 pounds
  • Capacity      :  42 bottles
Review Rating:

If you looking for something large size wine cooler with two-door then this summit wine cooler is the best option for you.

This 24-inch built-in undercounter wine cooler permits you to store total of 42 wine bottles in its two separate zones. 

As compared to other wine coolers this wine cooler has a different and unique look and feel that enhances your home decor and style.

Special fingerprint resistance safe 304 evaluation treated steel trim in a dark matte completion around the entryways makes it look modern and stylish.

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The full-expansion racking system guarantees simpler stacking on smooth metal roller skims. You can chill white and shining wine while protecting red in two particular temperature zones.

The two zones are enlightened by rich LED lighting in exceptional white shades. You can set the desired temperature in each zones between 41°F to 65°F.

Completely furnished with entryway partially open and temperature alerts. The internal fan circulates chilled air throughout the cooler cabinet.

Summit Appliance CL18WC 18″ Wide Built-in Wine Cellar

Summit Appliance CL18WC 18 Inch Wide Built-in Wine Cellar


  • Dimention   : 23.5 x 17.5 x 34 inches
  • Weight         :  77 pounds
  • Capacity      :  29 bottles
Review Rating:

This Summit wine cooler is a single zone with just 18-inch height and best for the built-in and undercounter usability.

The cooler offers a deluxe interior with five adjustable stainless steel coated black shelves that can hold 29 wine bottles effortlessly.  Its slim structure and flexible design allow you to fit it anywhere you want.

Its inside cabinet is accompanied by white LED lights that illuminate your wine assortments at night from outside easily.

The digital thermostat of this summit wine cooler offers precise and convenient control of temperature in the cooler. One can set the precise temperature between 41ºF to 72ºF with its digital touch control panel.

Its reversible door permits us to hinge the door on any side you want as per the placement of the wine cooler.

The seamless stainless steel door frame with a glass door brings modern style and matches any stylish home theme. 

Summit Appliance SWC3066B Commercially Approved 30 Inch Wine Cooler

Summit Appliance SWC3066B Commercially Approved 30 Inch Wine Cooler


  • Dimention   : 34.38 x 29.5 x 22.5 inches
  • Weight         :  132 pounds
  • Capacity      :  66 bottles
Review Rating:

Summit Appliences built-in undercounter wine cooler offers quality storage with easy-to-use accommodation and exquisite style.

The SWC3066B is a 30-inch wide wine cooler intended for work in the establishment under counters. The completely completed dark bureau additionally permits unsupported use.

This unit incorporates two consistent tempered steel-managed glass entryways with a special French entryway swing. Both incorporate manufacturing plant introduced locks and expert handles.

Two separate zones include autonomous computerized indoor regulators, allowing you to chill white and shimmering wine in one segment while saving reds under hotter temperatures in the other.

The two zones incorporate six wooden racks in a coal-black completion and opened floors, allowing you to put away 66 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles inside the unit. On the other hand, you can fit up to 46 more extensive “Burgundy” style bottles (frequently utilized for chardonnay and pinot noir) notwithstanding 10 Bordeaux bottles.

The opened floor can store six champagne bottles. Recessed LED lighting offers an alluring perspective to allow you to show your wine assortment in style.

With an expert look and inventive plan, SUMMIT SWC3066B commercial wine cooler is a remarkable expansion to any home. For a comparable unit intended for wine and refreshment storage, don’t forget to this wine cooler.

What makes summit wine cooler different from others?

Summit wine coolers are focus on making inventive items to meet the one of a kind necessities of clients who probably won’t discover their apparatus arrangement in a significant brand cooler. It conveys a tremendous choice of significant machines in elusive impressions.

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Summit wine cooler offering in both style and capacity, for example, accomplishing explicit temperature ranges for extraordinary food, refreshment, or clinical items. 

Changing the outside appearance of machines to coordinate homes, workplaces or institutional settings; or adjusting the presentation and measurements of items to fit bizarre spaces.

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