How To Store Wine Without A Cork

Wine lovers can get headaches if they do not know how to store wine without a cork. You don’t have to worry about storing wine if you only have a few bottles. There is a high chance that the alcohol won’t be used all in one go if it is a year-end party.

There are many things to consider when storing wine, but the most basic rules remain the same regardless of whether it’s a new bottle, a leftover bottle, or even a

The reason why we need to add a special seal for the airtight storage of the wine is to prevent oxidation.

There are a lot of things you should know about storing wine. Here’s all you need to know about storing wine without a cork.

how to store wine without a cork

Ways to store wine without a cork

It’s time to think about how to keep the air out of the bottle after you know the best practices for storing wine. If you want to enjoy the same great flavor, try one of the ideas for capping your bottle so you can finish it up in a day or two.

Re-Cork It

Immediately after opening the wine, keep the cork in the freezer. The easiest way to close your bottle of wine back up for storage is to simply put the original cork back in, this will help it contract and might make it just a little bit smaller, so that it slide back into place without a fuss. Sometimes it’s easy, but sometimes it’s difficult to get the cork back in place. There are a few tricks you can try to make it simpler.

  • The bottom of the cork should be wrapped with wax paper. The corks are helped to slide into place by lubricating it with wax paper. It will prevent cork from falling into your wine by trapping any that break off.
  • Steady pressure is what you should apply. The cork should not have to be pushed back into place. Try twisting it slowly as you try to get it to come back to you.

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Use a Wine Stopper

You can choose from hundreds of cute designs with decorative tops that will allow you to express your personality in any way you like. There are rubber or soft plastic flanges near the top of some of them. The flexible pieces fold in when you insert the stopper and then press against the glass bottle neck to create a tight seal to keep out harmful gasses.

Different wine tools and corks on wooden surface
Different wine tools and corks on wooden surface

You know what they don’t judge a book by its cover. Turns out that is true about wine as well. Wines with a screw-top tend to get a bad rap, but they aren’t any better or worse than wines sealed with a cork. They are much easier to reuse than a cork, and they are just as effective. If you find that you can’t finish a bottle in one sitting, you might want to look for wine bottles with a cap.

If you have items lying around in your kitchen, you can use them to make MacGyver. If you want to cover the wine bottle, you can use plastic wrap or aluminum foil. It won’t create an air-tight seal on its own, but you can help things along by wrapping a rubber band around the bottle neck a few times to hold things securely in place.

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Try a Vacuum Seal

To keep your wine open to the extent that this would be possible, a wine vacuum might be only what you want. The reasonable contraptions drain the air out of the wine bottle and make a vacuum seal that keeps a unique top on close. Wine can endure as long as about fourteen days in the event that you eliminate however much air as could reasonably be expected.

Invest in Inert Gas Wine Preserver

The Coravin is a high-tech bottle opener that allows you to enjoy part of the bottle without opening it. It works by piercing the cork so you can pour out what you want, and then replace the lost wine with argon gas.

If you’d prefer not to splurge for the pricey stainless steel one, you can use an inert gas-filled plastic bottle like Private Preserve, which you then quickly fill with your wine and close up

Essential Wine Storage Practices

In the event that you don’t expect to mature your wine for a couple of years to 10 years, there’s a compelling reason to need to put resources into a basement or a devoted carport. The following are a couple of straightforward rules that will assist you with prevailing with regard to protecting your wine.

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Recall that wine is best put away between temperature range 45°F (7°C) to 65°F (18°C) so keep it somewhat cool.

In any case, not excessively cool – like your home cooler or a smaller than usual refrigerator in light of the fact that its temperature frequently decreases underneath 40° F (4°C) so it misses the mark on dampness and stickiness required for wine.

Kindly note that the temperature should be steady and can’t vary as the stopper will extend and contract, permitting air to infiltrate.


A stickiness of 50 to 70 percent is extraordinary as a dry climate will shrivel the cork while an excessive amount of dampness will frame form. As indicated by Masterclass, the ideal reach is somewhere in the range of 60 and 68 percent.

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Stay away from vibrations and hotness

Abstain from shaking or anything that causes vibration no matter what as incessant unsettling influences will speed up substance responses that change its taste.

Likewise, get the wine far from direct daylight and hotness sources like radiators and flames in the event that you don’t believe the wine should be cooked. Glowing bulbs can be a more secure decision than bright light bulbs since they transmit a modest quantity of bright light.

Store your wine upstanding

To wrap things up, store your bottle upstanding instead of on their sides (aside from unopened containers). Another bottle can be put away as an afterthought as it keeps the stopper clammy and remains firmly fixed. Be that as it may, an opened jug needs to stand upstanding to decrease the surface region presented to oxygen.

FAQ on Store Wine Without Cork

Why Do Good Wines Go Bad?

Oxygen is one of the most common factors that can contribute to a wine going bad.

The more air your wine has exposure to, the faster it oxidizes and spoils. Don’t store these bottles on their sides or in an area where they’re exposed to a lot of sunlight.

How do you keep the wine fresh after it opens?

One of the easiest ways to store wine is to put it in a decanter. This will allow you to enjoy your bottle while also preventing oxygen from entering the bottle.

If you have more than one bottle of wine leftover, you can wrap it up and put it in a container for later consumption.

Is it bad to drink a bottle of wine in one night?

There is a misconception that drinking an entire bottle of wine in one sitting is bad. This is not true and there are many benefits associated with following this practice.

These incorporate the expulsion of toxins from your body, expanded rest quality around evening time as well as decreased aggravation levels over the course of the day.

On the off chance that you’re ready to deal with drinking liquor without feeling queasy or experiencing a migraine subsequently then this might be something that would certainly merit considering for the individuals who need to encounter its constructive outcomes on their bodies while additionally partaking in some time unwinding without anyone else after work.

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How To Store Sparkling Wine Without A Cork?

  • Try not to refrigerate the wine.  
  • Keep it in a cool, dim spot away from direct light or hotness.  
  • On the off chance that you intend to drink all of your effervescent immediately, set it aside briefly ahead of time and empty it into glasses prior to drinking so that no air enters the container while pouring. While possibly not then store topsy turvy with great wind current for as long as 24 hours subsequent to opening.

How To Put The Cork Back In A Wine Bottle?

On the off chance that you have a wine cork and a few stops from different bottle, the simplest approach to reinsert your unique stopper is by slicing it down the middle with clean scissors so when embedded, around one inch of its width will stay outside the bottle.

How Long Does Wine Last Without A Cork?

Presently, you definitely know how to store wine without a cork, however, the way that long it endures is another story. Wine can keep going for a couple of hours without fixing, regardless of whether you have put it away in the refrigerator. There is no response to how to store red wine subsequent to the opening without a cork since it will be presented to oxygen and turn lifeless.

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The high causticity in white wines will keep the fluid new longer than the lower corrosiveness while the higher tannin in red wines will endure longer than low-tannin reds. You can attempt a portion of the strategies we recorded above, in addition, to putting them in an ice chest or a wine cooler for additional long stretches of protection.


Thus, these are the fundamental advances that anybody can follow regardless of their necessities. In this article, we have learned together the fundamental approaches to saving wine and how to store wine without a cork. They are ways of protecting opened wine, however just assist you with postponing the oxidation and waste time, not keep it from ruining.

Subsequently, it is critical to pick the right bottle size to appreciate and to consider a wine cooler over a regular fridge because of its specific highlights. We trust that from here on out you will never again need to pour wine down the sink, and feel more sure while putting away those exquisite bottles.

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